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The yearly American car show was held this weekend at the Billing Aquadome in England and once again the UK conversion group Knights of England organized for Knight Rider conversationists and enthusiasts to gather at the event. Sith was there and he had this report:

Just got back from a wonderful American car show near Northampton, here in the UK.

Despite the changing weather, the sun mostly stayed out and there was a wide variety of cars ranging from Mustangs, Dodges, and Corvettes.

Far more importantly was the Pontiacs present. The Trans Ams especially.

And boy was there a number there. Well over 20 dotted around the show.

Kudos to the owners of various KITT replicas who organised the meet up and turned up. All of them looked excellent, and special thanks to Rob for letting me sit inside his car.

Was also good to speak to fellow Knight Rider fans, including Sarfraz and K.I.T.T. from this very forum. Although I didn't meet him, I also understand Vinny was there too - the star of Radio 1 yesterday.

I have to say it was great to wander around looking at all the replicas, and for me on my first visit to the show it gave a great buzz. I had a great time.

So once again congrats to those of you who turned up and showed that the Knight Rider fandom is still strong in the UK - over 20 years on.

Here are some images from the show taken by a camera phone. Apologies for the poor quality, but I shall post more and better quality ones once I work out how my new digital camera exports the photos I took. lol

The show continues tomorrow if you fancy popping along to Billing Aquadrome. Entry is £10 per car.

View some images of the event here, of course thanks to Sith.

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just an update to the previous article. William Daniels was unable to do the interview with BBC Radio 1. Instead they interviewed replica owner Vinny. Read this thread for more info on the what and why, and also to hear Vinny's interview.

Click here to Read and Listen about the interview

Congrats to Vinny for stepping up when William Daniels couldn't! Those are might big shoes to fill.

William Daniels, the voice of KITT is supposed to be interviewed on the Colin & Edith Show which airs on BBC Radio 1 in the UK, tomorrow (Friday) sometime between 1pm-3pm GMT (or 8am-10am EST). The topic of the interview is unknown, but the station has been playing alot of clips of KITT, so one could only assume.

There is a stream available for those who are not in antenna distance of the station. You just need a copy of the Real Player, which is available for free from

Live Audio Stream

Colin & Edith

BBC Radio 1

Our thanks goes out to whet for the heads up!

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