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vh1 super secret tv formulas

The VH1 series Super Secret TV Forumulas had a recent episode intitled Evil Twins and More. Part of it featured a discussion on KITT and KARR and the sillyness of that as an Evil Twin.

You can watch the video here

What no Michael/Garthe?

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Much thanks to KITT for the heads up and to Michael Pajaro for the file!

This weeks Cartoon Network series "What Happened to Robot Jones?" episode contained an obvious spoof to Knight Rider. Working a job as a recall bot, Robot Jones comes across FLAME (aka KITT) and Steven Hawk (aka Michael Knight) as they save Jones from the evil clutches of his boss. It's obvious that the writers/creators of this show are Knight Rider fans, and thanks to this clip, we are now fans of Robot Jones. Thanks!

You can view a Quicktime movie here. (version 6 recommened) It is 3 minutes 45 seconds long and is just over 10MB in size.

Thanks to LoneKnight for the heads up and my ReplayTV for the capture!


aoshima karr and kitt
thanks to hobby link japan for the image

Aoshima, the Japanese company that brought us the 1/28 scale RC KITT and KARR and the 1/28 Knight Trailer, will be releasing 1/43 die-cast models of KITT and KARR. They are set to be released in December of this year.

At Aoshima's website (thanks to a babelfish translation) reveals these details:

Knight 2000 K. I. T. T.

Die-cast mechanic collection No.06
Scale: 1/43 retail price: 3980 Yen The middle of December of 2003 sale schedule

Bar-code: 4905083072264

Horseman " knight rider " of the justice which today revives.
Knight 2000 is appearance with the die-cast mini car.
As for blinking type scanner LED use.

Prototype K. A. R. R.

Die-cast mechanic collection No.07
Scale: 1/43 retail price: 3980 Yen The middle of December of 2003 sale schedule

Bar-code: 4905083072271

Inn enemy K " of knight 2000 ". A. R. R. Is appearance with the die-cast mini car.
As for blinking type scanner LED use.
The body is two ton color paint.

You can purchase them here

Thanks to sarfraz for the heads up!

Sith found this great event in his local paper:

The First UK show will be starting from the Mid-End of November 2003 at Peterborough City Town centre.

Both the 1st series 2x TV Dash KITT car and series 3 & 4 1x TV Dash convertible KITT will be on show for UK fans to view and have a photograph taken. In addition promotional Show items will also be available to buy at the event or direct by Mail Order. Plus plenty of other surprises and activities!

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david posted a new message on his site:

"October 3, 2003....MESSAGE FROM DAVID...How can it be October already??? This year is flying by...the kids are back in school, and I have been busy working on my new album, which I hope will be released at the beginning of next year. I am really excited about it and hope you will enjoy it. I will have a lot of exciting updates very soon, so thanks for your patience and your never-ending support! Hope you are all staying happy...remember, Keep Smilin! xoxox David"

We all look forward to these "exciting updates" he keeps talking about! My personal thought: "less talking, more revealing." :)

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Stu Phillips (who along with Glen Larson, created the Knight Rider theme, and composed the music for the early episodes) will be making some stops on the East Coast in October, in New York, Mass, and New Jersey before returning to LA for the Galacticon.

Read more for his complete schedule, and be sure to visit for more information!'s schedule bot was updated today with some good news. On November 3rd, the series will begin again with Knight of the Phoneix, and thus starting their third run through the series.

There was some doubt in the community as to whether the series would start over again, as the last episode of season four will air at the end of the month of October. The bot, now listing programing till the end of November, confirms it's continuation.

Knight Rider airs Monday-Friday at 5pm Eastern on Sci-Fi. It will be off the air from now until the end of October, while SCI-FI does their month of Marathons.

Thanks to knightimmortal for the heads up!

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