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This week, Universal Studios announced January 31st to be the street date for the Region 1 release of Knight Rider Season 3. Unfortunately the only extra will be an episode that has yet to be announced from Season 4.

TVShowsonDVD.com was the first to report this exciting news!

October 19:

Knight Rider - Season 3 has finally been announced, with the studio providing a January 31st release date. "Bonnie" (Patricia McPherson) returns to the cast after taking the previous season off...just in time to give K.I.T.T. a much-needed repair job and a technology upgrade as well. This set, which fans have been anxious for since last April's release of the second season, will sell for $49.98 SRP and come on 3 double-sided DVDs. The show will be presented in the original full frame video and with original English mono sound. Subtitles are in English, French, and Spanish.

Running just under 18 hours, this set has 21 episodes, including the double-length season opener "Knight of the Drones". Other hot episodes this season were "K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.", "Knight In Disgrace" and "Junk Yard Dog". Guests included the NFL's Jim Brown, plus Jared Martin, Terri Treas, Jean Hasselhoff, Jason Bateman, Alan Oppenheimer, Christopher McDonald, James Cromwell, Randi Brooks, Judy Landers, and Richard Herd.

David posted on his website this week, and with it launched a campaign to drum up interest for a world tour in Australia.

"Message from David...October 17, 2005...Greetings from Down Under! Pamela and I are enjoying a visit to Sydney and Melbourne...I'll be presenting an award at the Aria's on Sunday and performing at the 10th Anniversary Gala Foxtel bash, among lots of other tv and radio appearances in between(scheduled to appear on Rove on the 18th)...also be sure to check out the link on the homepage regarding the tour in Australia...more news soon, and it will be exciting! Keep Smiling! -David"

If you live in Australia, visit hasselhofftour.com and sign their petition!

thanks to Nick of Knight Rider UK for first reporting this info to us.

David appeared on the Australian show "Rove Live" this week. We are getting reports that he spoke briefly about the status of the movie.

Daemonicus666 reports:

As im speaking Hassellhoff is on Rove LIve (which for you overseas ppl is a talk show here in Australia). I just had to rush online to let you know the movie is definitly in develpoment. He hints at a possible father and son team for the movie (Michael & Son). Also, he mentions that the producers or what not (in earlier drafts I assume) did not actually what KITT to talk in the movie and wanted to make it like a satire like how the Starksy and Hutch movie was. But luckily they got the rights back and the movie will be faithful to the series and us fans will enjoy it. Knight Rider also still remains the favourite show he has done.

More info as we receive it.

Also, MrPayner informed us that Knight Rider Online was listed on Australian Yahoo New's HOFFice Attachments page! Welcome to all that are visiting from Australia and I hope you enjoy our site.

News on this years Knight Con was recently announced. The two day event takes place in Germany, and featured previously replicas of KITT, Crew from the series, Merchandise and alot of great times.

Hi @ all

I´m proud to tell you there will be the next KNIGHT CON at 22 + 23 July 2006 at the Movie Park Germany.

At the moment we are working hard again to make the next bigger and greater than the last one.

Join the new Website at www.knight-con.de !! The website starts at sunday evening, but please excuse that the site probably works completely in english a little bit later than the german one!!

We work as fast as possible to finish the website in english. So take a look from time to time to inform you about the latest news.

Greetz @ all from the Knight Con Team and me


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