Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • What music is playing 3:38 minutes?

  • Gurahk Weavile

    Did Michael and KITT do ANYTHING in this episode?! AT ALL?!?!?!

  • because its a typo

  • Jocke

    Whats a typo? the tv guide? No, because the episode WAS split in two. Whats confusing me is that it isnt split in two on here.....

  • neps

    In the episode guide? It was a single 2-hour episode when it originally aired. There are 84 episodes of Knight Rider, but 90hrs, where 6 episodes are two hours in length.

  • Jocke

    Neps: its getting more and more confusing lol. can you please tell me which 6 episodes are two hours long? :)

  • Eric Curto

    Well you have the Pilot "Knight of the Phoenix" was two hours long, than you have the Season 2 episodes "Goliath" and "Goliath Returns" as well as this episode which served as a backdoor pilot for the TV Series "Code of Vengeance" Than you have Season 3 episode "Knight of the Drones" and Season 4 episode "Knight of the Juggernaut" There is also a TV Movie(which essentially all these other episodes are also)called Knight Rider 2000. That is it for the original series; the revamped series had two Pilots(one airing as a movie and the other as a two part episode)and I believe Team Knight Rider had 1 or 2 two hour episodes

  • Jocke

    ok. But still.....I saw this episode (mouth of the snake) on tv here in Sweden and it was an episode split in two. And, as I also wrote before, according to the tv guide it was Season 2 Episode 1:2. but HERE it says it is Season 2 Ep 40. It still puzzles me why in Sweden its shown as a two-piece episode - and its the first episode of the season, when it clearly is neither.

  • Jocke

    I am very confused here......I saw this episode this morning here in Sweden (mouth of the snake) and according to the tv guide it was Season 2 Episode 1:2. but HERE it says it is Season 2 Ep 40.....`?? how is it possible??

  • jeff hurley

    i am trying to find the episode where micheal knight sings on stage could anyone tell which one it was
    thank you

  •  Let It Be Me he sings on stage.  it is like 1 of the final 4 episodes of season 2.  i just watched it the other knight.

  • grant barney

    let it be me

  • john_austin

    That is the episode after this one. Episode 41 "Let It Be Me". Catherine Hickland's in that episode and she was his real-life girlfriend at the time. Hope that answers your question Jeff. (from John - fellow KR follower)

  • jeff hurley

    thanx for your reply mate i think i have that one on dvd from my box set of all season.
    Also is there a model of kitt from the new KR " i mean the mustang gt coz i wud love to try and buy one.

    I am also into the fallguy, chips, airwolf, and most of the 80s stuff,,,, yeah i know i am sad but i dont care , best regards jeff hurley

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The Mouth of the Snake

season two episode: 40
Original Airdate:
April 8, 1984


A Government agent, a murdered lawyer's widow and Michael seek connections between an international criminal, a stolen rocket launcher and the code, "Boca Culebra".


Eduardo O'Brian........Pedro Armendariz, Jr.
Joanna St. John........Joanna Pettet
David Dalton...........L.Charles Taylor
Elton Mathews..........Robert Colbert
Tiara..................Patty Kotero
Archibald..............George Murdock