Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • isabelle farnsworth


  • David Jones III

    [TEASER] [CC] [TV-Y7] [Christy] the fact is KITT IS gone and we'd gotta get him back! [Denise Mclellan] u'd can control the car dont you? [denise hugs her partner]
    [Christy] Devon i'd felt something in here i'd felt KITT'S Presence! [Christy holds a $dollar bill and denise's face' can'd u forget the records and check on this face? [Christy] Sounds like total brainwashing to me [April] that's exactly what it is! [Denise Mclellan] I'd want u to stop Miss Knight in Person...Kill her! [Christy] KITT! That's our car! and no one's driving it! [KITT Boosts over em] Bzooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! zzzz zzz!

  • Pontiouspilate

    Is this the episode with the Ann hottub scene or is it Goliath Returns? I think it's the latter but not sure...

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Soul Survivor

season two episode: 29
Original Airdate:
November 20, 1983


A computer whiz (Brian Robbins) cracks Kitt's programming and erases the memory, forcing Michael to battle his own car. Kitt is 'boxed' for portability in another car.


Randy Merritt..........Brian Robbins
Adrianne Margeaux......Ann Turkel
Denise Merritt.........Janet Carroll
Fredericks.............Carl Strano
George Atherton........Jon Cypher
Asst Manager...........Frank Birney