Knight Rider (1982-1986)


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    A fun episode!

    => In the credits: "In remembrance of R. A. Cinader he was an original.". He was the "co-executive producer".

    => In the credits: Name of Bob Schott was written "Bob $chott". I don't know why

    => When he arrives at the bar the first time, Michael parks in a place where one plate is written: "NO PARKING". Check it, maybe I'm wrong...

    =>  And, same scene, we can see a type of pull bar under the nose car.

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The Final Verdict

season one episode: 10
Original Airdate:
December 3, 1982


A meek accountant can clear a friend of murder if Michael can find him before he's arrested for "creative" bookkeeping.


Marvin Karon (Marty Keen), Don Gordon (Lieutenant Dickerson), Ramon Bieri (Al Farlan), Penny Peyser (Cheryl Burns), Rick Fitts (Brad), Tim Rossovich (Butch), Bob Schott (Dink), June Christopher (Kim the Bartender), Cynthia Ream (Tracy), Michael Masters (Garbage Man), Harold “Hal” Frizzell (Security Guard)


R.A. Cinader (Co-Executive Producer), Steven E. de Souza (Producer), Hannah Shearer (Producer), Gilbert Bettman (Associate Producer), Bernadette Joyce (Associate Producer), David Braff (Story Editor), Stu Phillips (Music), H. John Penner (Director of Photography), Russell Smith (Art Director), R. Lynn Smartt (Set Decoration), April Webster (Casting), Lawrence J. Gleason (Film Editor), Beryl Gelfond (Film Editor), Jim Alexander (Sound), Ron Martinez (Unit Production Manager), Charles Watson Sanford, Jr. (1st Assistant Director), Don Edward Wilkerson (2nd Assistant Director), Walt Jenevein (Sound Effects Editor), Richard Lapham (Music Editor), Richard Hopper (Costume Designer), Don Snyder (Costume Supervisor), Robert Bralver ( 2nd Unit Director-Stunt Coordinator)