Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • The look of KITT's front nose changes from scene to scene. This is because certain scenes were filmed as part of a presentation to NBC in order to get permission for the rest of the Pilot. Once they got approval and had more time, the nose was given the look you know today.
  • The original movie was never called "Knight of the Phoneix." This was added in syndication to help identify it.
  • Knight Rider crew member Harold "Hal" Frizzell appears briefly in this episode as a Comtron security guard. He makes similar brief appearances in "The Final Verdict", "White Bird", "Brother's Keeper", "Ring of Fire", "Knight of the Drones", "Knight Strike" and "Fright Knight".
  • Stuntman Jack Gill has a small role as a disgruntled driver at the end of the demolition derby. He appears again in "Inside Out", "Return to Cadiz", "Ring of Fire", "Buy Out", "Knight Strike" and "Knight of the Juggernaut"


  • The end credits of this episode show a copyright date of 1977 — even though the episode was produced in 1982.
  • During the chase to the airport, Michael's bullet wound switches from his left shoulder to his right.
  • K.I.T.T. magically gains seatbelts during the demolition derby.
  • Also during the chase to the airport, Devon's phone changes from a white phone to a black one.


  • Knight Mansion (Greystone Mansion, 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA)
  • Scene where the two car thieves try to break into K.I.T.T. with a brick (4000 block of Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA)
  • Demolition Derby (Saugus Speedway, 22500 Soledad Canyon Road, Saugus, CA)

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  • I love Knight Rider series! :)

  • mister d hasselhoff, h weinstein , glen a larson wath date for your movie picture knight rider always or never . mercy your reponse

  • DrewRoberts

    The name of the actress playing Tonya Walker is misspelled here, and is incorrect. The actress was Phyllis Davis...not David. She is best known for playing Beatrice "Bea" Travis on Robert Urich's detective series "VEGA$".

  • davejameswilson

    what im getting at is bring the real KITT back to the screens with a good script humour a revitalised car and as many original cast as will do it in a similar style KITT shouldnt have any weapons the flamethrower had self protect uses on many occasions and computers are far more capable these days maybe Bonnie could do a load more tweaks maybe the engine could be diesel hybrid with hydrogen as the other power supply anyway the details are up to you KITT will always  be the trans am to me i dont like the shape of the mustang 

  • davejameswilson

    to buy the pontiac firebird try looking online there aren't all that many about but you might be able to get a '92 version and might be able to fit all the extras to make your own KITT choose a reliable fuel efficient engine remember KITT was auto and the dash was definately NOT shiny all the dash was matt in finish to eliminate reflections from all that light most of the gadgets should connect up as technology these days can allow you to have a far more capable computer with much lighter monitor(s) 
    KITT was possibly the first ever car with gps sat nav and mobile communications with video it is actually possible to achieve similar depending on transmission in the area you happen to be maybe a microwave link is the only way 
    anyway i watched the Hoff on british tv silly show and some of the other players in the show kept on about remakes as if its a bad idea i can tell all that care that a good remake that brings back what the fans miss the most will do far better than a modernisation using different parts and players remember team knight rider it flopped because KITT wasnt there so in my opinion i am looking forward to seeing the right KITT on screen with a computer upgrade but with hopefully William Daniels as the well known voice i did see a script that was scrapped where KITT wasnt shelved but had been used when Micheal had left the foundation and Devon died in the field after being set up by nasty types KITT then had to go up against his replacement suffered badly the first attepmt but won in the final battle the replacement car learnt to appreciate KITT even though it couldnt override its programming to destroy KITT but KITT had been altered before the final showdown and hadnt been repainted so was a very shiny metal colour i cant remember too much but it was a great script which will be impossible to recreate now as Edward Mulhare died a while ago 
    sorry for taking up so much room 

  • davejameswilson

    i hope that the Hoff does make KITT come back to life as he was in the original im not so keen on the remake and why oh why did they get Val Kilmer instead of the voice we know and love of William Daniels he sounds like the grandfather that guides you when you go wrong and can have a laugh and joke as well there should only be 1 KITT and thats the pontiac firebird transam the aerodynamics of that car were the sleekest of its time maybe the KITT nose added stability at very high speed who knows nooone ever did that test 

  • best... episode... EVER!!!!!!!!!!


    Tanya AKA Phyllis david is a very perfect bitch, ehehe, especially when she shoots michael. I Love you nasty girl.



  • Viper200601

    how can you watch a whole episode of knightrider please

  • Mike

    d/l from kickasstorrents

  • Matt28

    they have the first season on hulu of both the original and the new

  • Arin98

    I think, because there can by the full films.

  • Odacir Mian

    gostei muito destes seriado gostaria revelos de novo em ação
    jr ribeirão preto sp brazil

  • MatthewTransAction

    The new series is very fantastic with its ideas and car morphing. I very much like the new capabilities of the artificial intelligence and it's databanks/weapons. K.I.T.T. seems to have become a transformer in some senses. It begs the question why would an indestructable car need to transform. I am a purist at heart, but I try to keep an open mind. I am eager to see a movie come out uniting both series, especially father and son David Hasselhoff and Justin Bruening.

  • Tangkerman232000

    kitt is my no1 car.hope to have lyk kitt

  • haytham

    I want to bay i similare car (K.I.T.T)
    Can you help me?

  • haytham

    how can i have all the series?

  • series 1-4 the ultimate box set are on sale @ HMV or on amazon

  • Pattmasheka

    help me to have the series,is it still there the foundation?

  • Knight Rider is on streaming Netflix, I love it!

  • Charles

    The TV series "Knight Rider" surely is great show. & It really gave me a turbo boost to my life when I was a little kid. Funny thing is, Mr. David Hasselhoff truly had the name "Micheal" as his middle name. So the name Micheal is no strange name to him. Except the family names "KNIGHT" or "LONG". How old his he when he was in the series, & how old is he now? The Knight Rider 2008 TV series is little odd when we compare it with the original one,because, the interior design is not shown well like in the original K.I.T.T car & this 2008 version transforms into different autos like Pick-up trucks, Jeeps etc.I wonder it transforms in to Choppers & small size Air Planes as well. The original one,I know it's truly a car, but this new one.., I don't know what it really is. And what happened that good old black semi & its trailer? The new K.I.T.T reverses & lands on the ground coming out of something like an army carrier air plane. & ain't that odd too???

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Pilot (aka) Knight of the Phoenix

season one
Original Airdate:
September 26, 1982
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Michael Long, a policeman, is shot and left for dead. The shot is deflected by a plate in his head, but ruins his face. He is saved and his face reconstructed. He is reluctant, but agrees to use K.I.T.T. to help the Foundation for Law and Government fight.