Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • Jade2899

    What is the name of the lovely piece of music Devon was listening to in the first scene?

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No Big Thing

season one episode: 7
Original Airdate:
November 12, 1982


Devon lands in a small-town lockup on a misdemeanor, but his predicament becomes deadly after a fellow prisoner is killed by the cops. Devon's the only one who knew the man was in jail. Town name is Lindhurst Flats.


Ted Markland (Sergeant Ted Wallace), Mary Margaret Humes (Carol Reston), Grainger Hines (Officer Rex Saunders), Jim Haynie (Frank Reston), Logan Ramsey (Judge Roland S. Paxton), Paul Harper (Man), Jimmy Murphy (Pink), Earl Billings (Shep), Duke Stroud (Captain Dave Butler), Robert Carnegie (Officer Van Dyke), Louie Elias (Pauly), Vance Davis (Guard), Patrick Puccinelli (Officer Charly Smith), Bruce Neckels (Pete), Elmarie Wendel (Woman), Jay T. Will (Brute)


R.A. Cinader (Co-Executive Producer), Steven E. de Souza (Producer), Hannah Shearer (Producer), Gilbert Bettman (Associate Producer), Bernadette Joyce (Associate Producer), David Braff (Story Editor), Stu Phillips (Music), H. John Penner (Director of Photography), Seymour Klate (Art Director), R. Lynn Smartt (Set Decoration), April Webster (Casting), William Martin (Film Editor), John R. McDonald (Sound), Ron Martinez (Unit Production Manager), Charles Watson Sanford, Jr. (1st Assistant Director), Don Edward Wilkerson (2nd Assistant Director), Walt Jenevein (Sound Effects Editor), Richard Lapham (Music Editor), George R. Whittaker (Costume Designer), Don Snyder (Costume Supervisor), Robert Bralver ( 2nd Unit Director-Stunt Coordinator)