Knight Rider (1982-1986)


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    Around 43 minutes: the woman goes to the driver's seat. Seconds later, the scene repeats itself, with the focus on Michael :)

  • one of the best turbo boost sequence.

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Inside Out

season one episode: 9
Original Airdate:
November 26, 1982


Michael infiltrates a retired colonel's gang of thieves hoping to catch them red-handed stealing a gold shipment.


Lawrence Dobkin (Colonel Alvin B. Kincaid), Judith Chapman (Linda Elliot), Erik Stern (Thompson), Jack Gill (Dugan), Morgan Jones (Warden), Michael O’Guinne (Officer Wally), Bill Cross (Officer Lester), Jim Boeke (Baker), Lee Duncan (Clark), Stephen Pershing (O’Brian), Talmage Scott (Front Jeep Driver), Greg Finley (Prison Guard), Kay Worthington (Woman Driver)


R.A. Cinader (Co-Executive Producer), Steven E. de Souza (Producer), Hannah Shearer (Producer), Gilbert Bettman (Associate Producer), Bernadette Joyce (Associate Producer), David Braff (Story Editor), Stu Phillips (Music), H. John Penner (Director of Photography), Seymour Klate (Art Director), R. Lynn Smartt (Set Decoration), Ron Stephenson (Casting), Stanley Wohlberg (Film Editor), John R. McDonald (Sound), Frank Crawford (Unit Production Manager), Phil Bowles (1st Assistant Director), Don Edward Wilkerson (2nd Assistant Director), Walt Jenevein (Sound Effects Editor), Richard Lapham (Music Editor), George R. Whittaker (Costume Designer), Don Snyder (Costume Supervisor), Robert Bralver ( 2nd Unit Director-Stunt Coordinator)