Knight Rider (1982-1986)


-This is Patricia McPherson’s favorite episode of the series.


  • Christopher Noppert

    Sadly some idiot hacked my facebook account & deleted all those stories like the link to the story I posted in the previous comment below. But I've now since re written many of them, including the 1 this episode is based on. Here is the link to the story. & by all means, if you want to join our site, you are all more than welcome. It's WE WANT KNIGHT RIDER 2008 SEASON 2 on facebook. & here is the link to our site.

  • Christopher Noppert

    I run a fan site called WE WANT KNIGHT RIDER 2008 SEASON 2 with 3 other friends of mine. & on that site I wrote a story called KNIGHT OF THE PHAROAHS based on this episode. only this time the story takes place in Cairo, Egypt & Graham Deauville plans to break into King Tut's tomb & steal his coffin, jewelery & other artifacts, lol. Here is the link to the story.

  • WHO

    Great episode! Stunts were incrdibles!

    - In 27:32 a car passes by Michael, who hitchhike. In 38:29, the same car is back, being driven by Charlene Hanover (Lynne Topping).

    - First time K.I.T.T uses the "Blood Analyzer" function.

    - In 28:53 The gate was already broken before KITT pass.

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Chariot of Gold

season one episode: 17
Original Airdate:
February 25, 1983


Michael investigates the mysterious deaths of members of an exclusive club for geniuses (Helius), involved in an archaeological dig.


Theodore Bikel (Graham Deauville), George McDaniel (Peter Stark), Lynne Topping (Charlene Hanover), Sandy Helberg (Irving Farber), Garnett Smith (Jim Litton), Lorinne Vozoff (Ellen Sullivan)


Robert Foster (Executive Producer), Joel Rogosin (Supervising Producer), Steven E. de Souza (Producer), Gian R. Grimaldi (Coordinating Producer), Gilbert Bettman (Associate Producer), Bernadette Joyce (Associate Producer), Robert W. Ewing II (Associate Producer), David Braff (Story Editor), William Schmidt (Story Editor), Don Peake (Music), H. John Penner (Director of Photography), Russell Smith (Art Director), R. Lynn Smartt (Set Decoration), April Webster (Casting), Stanley Wohlberg (Film Editor), Stan Gordon (Sound), Ron Martinez (Unit Production Manager), Fred L. Miller (1st Assistant Director), Don Edward Wilkerson (2nd Assistant Director), Walt Jenevein (Sound Effects Editor), Richard Lapham (Music Editor), Richard Hopper (Costume Designer), Don Snyder (Costume Supervisor), Robert Bralver ( 2nd Unit Director-Stunt Coordinator)