Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • Christopher Noppert

    2 friends of me & I run a site on facebook called WE WANT KNIGHT RIDER 2008 SEASON 2. We have written several stories continuing where season 1 of KR08 left off. 1 episode I wrote is called KNIGHT BIRD based on THE SCENT OF ROSES. I also wrote in the story that the late Stevie Mason killed by Durant was survived by her unbeknownst twin sister Stella Mason. It is some 24 or so years after Kurt Rowlands (AKA Durant) was jailed for the murder or 1 Stevie Mason. When Michael Knight learns about this, he travels to Durant's home in Morocco where he is now residing since being released on parole. However he orders Mike to stay as he dosen't want to lose his son to the same dangerous man that took his former bride Stevie Mason. Here is the link to the story.    & if you love Knight Rider please join our site & add as many of your friends & family as possible, lol.   

  • Christopher Noppert

    That story was since removed due to a technical problem. Here is the new link for the re write of KNIGHT BIRD, lol.

  • Eric Curto

    This was an incredible, David Hasselhoff and Catherine Hickland were married at the time, so the connection between the two was very easy for them to display on camera, this was an episode that Hasselhoff himself fought for cause it was meant to be a series finale, with Michael declaring at the end that he was no longer gonna be a part of the team(as a result of Stevie's death), instead they had him continue and placed this in what I believe was the Spring break finale. The episode is definitely on the top 10 list, Stevie being the only character outside the cast that has had any development. My only gripe is how Michael suddenly has 2nd thoughts on his life as a FLAG member, yet he has almost been killed plenty of times, but Stevie dies and he is right back to work. Oh well still a great episode

  • Oldenjames27

    this shouldve been the last episode aired
    did anyone write a fan fiction to take place right after the scent of roses ??

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The Scent of Roses

season four episode: 74
Original Airdate:
January 3, 1986


After a near-fatal encounter with a criminal mastermind, Michael falls into a deep depression and wants to quit the Foundation. He and Stevie are married.


Stevie Mason...........Catherine Hickland
Durant.................Aharon Ipale
Martoni................Robert Feero
Stocker................Reid Smith
Klus...................Richard Partlow
Purdue.................Roy Jenson
Medic Driv