Life Stories: David Hasselhoff

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Life Stories: David Hasselhoff

Post by weeezl » Sat May 07, 2011 4:35 pm

I just got home, switched on the TV and Life Stories: David Hasselhoff with Piers Morgan is on. I didn't even know he was being interviewed or even on this show so it's quite a surprise to see him. I missed the first 20 mins but thankfully I can watch the whole show on +1

From the few minutes I watched they already showed some KR clips and it appears to be a really in depth look into his life, damn I wish my DVR wasn't broken or I'd record it for any Hoff fans that cant see British TV.

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Re: Life Stories: David Hasselhoff

Post by sarfraz » Sun May 08, 2011 3:39 am

Been a while since I posted, hows everyone doing?! I wouldn't worry, the whole program is on the ITV-player: ... %20stories

I only saw some of it last night aswell, on account of me being around someone' for a singstar party! It did though seem very in depth. They talked about his career, Knight Rider, being type-cast, Baywatch, his problems and his revival. It also had interviews with Patricia McPherson in some detail so definitely worth watching for that alone. I can't be sure but I'll be watching it properly today, but it seemed like they also had interviews from crew members from KR and Hasselhoff' manager. One of Hoff' daugthers in the audience aswell so all in all a good look into his life.

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