RARE "Behind the scenes" KITT pics !!!!!!!

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Re: RARE "Behind the scenes" KITT pics !!!!!!!

Post by Skav » Wed May 25, 2011 3:32 pm

d_osborn wrote:
Skav wrote:
d_osborn wrote:this threat is great! thanks to all who have been posting shots.

VK... do you have any more of KITT in the ghostbusters firehouse? i had no clue that KR shot at old LA #23.

there HAS to be nice reference photos of the original KITT build... i would flip my lid to see those. it's a shame this stuff remains hidden from fans.

Let's not turn this thread into all about VK, but he has been banished from the forum so you won't be getting a reply from him.

at what point was this thread even remotely close to being turned "into all about VK"? i mean seriously? i was asking about pics. not everyone keeps up with the drama on the forums.

It's common practise for threads to derail, especially as far as a mention of Nick is concerned, so I was giving a caution! Not sure how you thought that I thought this was a thread about him.

So, yeah, you won't be getting a reply. Just giving a heads up.

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