Knight Rider 2012 (AKA: Glen Larson's Feature Film)

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Re: Knight Rider 2012 (AKA: Glen Larson's Feature Film)

Post by knightfever » Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:26 am

jimknight wrote:
kitt34 wrote:
tharpdevenport wrote:The iron isn't hot anymore.

Universal instead gave us a poor movie, then an aweful TV series years later barely resembling what we loved, then offerd us a poor new series that not only turned it it in every bad cliched poor TV series suffer from, but butchered the theme music and turned K.A.R.R. in a failed Michael Bay Summer B-"blockbuster".

Everytime they let it try again, it seems nobody actualyl tried and then efforts were made to make it appeal to people other than the fanbase. Reading old posts here in recent years, Universal held up a future film, tried to change it, make K.I.T.T. a non-talking car, etc.

They've waited too long, alienated many of the core fans, offered us deeply inferior quality scraps, and denied us what we wanted. The time has passed, Hasselhoff is too old to play the main lead -- they'll end up with an Indiana Jones son-like situation, or a hand-off to a new generation as the in-Developement-Hell "Ghostbusters 3" was to, and just re-hash elements of the failed TV series. In the meantime, the voice of K.I.T.T. will pass on, David will probably drink himself into a hospital, and one day the studio will launce a HORRIBLE filmatic re-boot, which they'll get Michael Bay to direct and Steve Jablonsky to score, and the twinkly vampire from those crappy films, to star in his E.M.O. 2000 vehicle.

At this point, I feel inside its 90% over. It would have to be something pretty damn BIG and respectful of the original series to even gain the appropriate interest level over all in the fanbase.

With that last series, they didn't just jump the shark, they turbo boosted over it.

Although I Like the KR 2008 TV movie, your right about the rest, especially the premiere of KR 2008 and here's another at what's wrong with that new show 4 years ago, the final climatic sequence of that premiere was the one of the idiotic errors in recent tv history, michael knight jr gets shot down by the FBI, then wakes up later and he is bloodless and dry, i'm glad it was the end of the Knight Rider TV Franchise.

i'm pretty sure when carrie shot mike it wasn't with a bullet it was with some sort of tranquilliser so i can see why he was bloodless, i may be wrong though

Actually, I always thought that the Mike Tracer is "killed" and takes on the name Michael Knight was contrived. In the original series, Michael being shot was what they used to launch the plot for the whole series. In the new show, it almost came off as a joke. In the very next episode, Mike meets up with an old buddy that's running the bar and he recognizes him. The new identity needed a new face. It was a weak attempt to connect with the fans of the old series, but it didn't really work. They should have just kept Tracer as his last name. Overall, I thought it was a decent attempt to revive the series and just needed some fine tuning.

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Re: Knight Rider 2012 (AKA: Glen Larson's Feature Film)

Post by Kal-el4 » Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:48 pm

I agree fever, that could've been handled better.....

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Re: Knight Rider 2012 (AKA: Glen Larson's Feature Film)

Post by KnerdRider » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:23 pm

Ditto on the poor attempt to provide continuity with Knight as the last name. I was also shocked by the lack of emotion when father and son met each other for the first time during the 2008 pilot. Though one thing I found interesting is the curious resemblance between Mike Traceur ... Tracer.jpg and the original face of his father ... rthur_Long . Maybe it wasn't intentional but it's interesting nonetheless.
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Re: Knight Rider 2012 (AKA: Glen Larson's Feature Film)

Post by james olden » Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:57 pm

I agree they should have kept Mike tracers original name.
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