The Knight Rider Experience - Back From The Grave

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The Knight Rider Experience - Back From The Grave

Post by Sith » Mon Apr 12, 2004 5:35 pm

An e-mail received today (with a few omissions):

Dear sirs

Over the last few months preperations have been undertaken for the launch of the UK Knight Rider Tour, and after a long setback we are finally able to release the launch date.

Below is a statement explaining the unveiling dates for our KITT Cars
including the ALL New WHITE KNIGHT never before seen in public. is about to go live ready for the Official Launch on December 7th 2004 and this is your chance to spread the word... with a
little help we can together make this an event to remember.

Quickstar Associates believe that our web site will provide the best form
of immediate communication to its clients future, present and past,
therefore we have to provide an easy-to-read and understandable
straight-to-the-point view of the tour, products, booking and purchase
information, feed-back forms, story-lines and archive information on the
Knight-Rider TV Show.

As it stands the site currently has an Under Construction page present.

It has now come to the time where we need to move the site to a useable
tool. Therefore Quickstar Associates would like your input to complete

Quickstar PR have received the dates for the unveiling of the KITT cars,
also introducing the All New WHITE KNIGHT. This will be taking place on
Tuesday December 7th 2004 to the world’s media and Quickstar Associates main investors and UK main sponsors. This will also include the Official Launch of the Knight Rider UK Experience Products, the UK Tour dates and Public Viewings and Official Launch of We have also requested the presence of all the main stars of the original Knight Rider TV show, of which in principle have been accepted by their agents.

The unveiling will take place in accordance to the original TV Show.
Episode one presented us the introduction of Knight Rider. KITT was
designed in a hanger set alongside to a Georgian mansion and grounds. (The Home of Wilton Knight where he with the help from Devon Miles, created the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) and on Winston Knights death-bed he asked Michael Long (To be Re-named Michael Knight) to carry on his quest, and with the help from Devon Miles they created the Foundation for Law And Government (F. L. A. G.) of which the Mansion became the Head Quarters of.)

The unveiling location will be set within the UK at a destination within
East Anglia. (Notification of the approved location will be displayed on
the web site on Monday June 14th 2004.) The event will start with the show stars arriving early afternoon on Monday December 6th, the unveiling will be on Tuesday December 7th the agenda will be displayed on the web site on Monday June 28th or earlier. On Wednesday December 8th the Original show stars will be available for Public attendance autographs from 11.30 am until midday (Within the Grounds Only) and the Knight Rider Experience Tour Transporters and KITT cars will then leave for its first mission agenda, offering the public the chance to take photographs and view the KITT cars for the first time.

(December 6th & 7th are open only to GOLDEN TICKET holders. December 8th the grounds are open from 10.30 am – 13.30 pm for Autograph Ticket Holders. At Midday the Transport Team will get ready to leave and at 13.00 hrs vacate the grounds.)

As interest is above all expectations and security precautions need to be
put into place a GOLDEN TICKET would be required to gain access to the
unveiling of the KITT cars.

Golden Ticket Holders: Tickets are now available at a cost of £1,000 each.
(Max. five (5) golden tickets per application.) Your gold ticket includes
two (2) nights accommodation in a hotel near the location. (December 6th &7th) with Full English Breakfast and Evening Meals, transportation to and
from the unveiling location and or via your hotel when required, entry to
all functions, Meet & speak with the show stars over a banquet and live
entertainment at the knight mansion on Monday evening, View and sit in the KITT cars prior to the main unveiling, view all tour presentations, witness the launch of and sit front row at the unveiling of the KITT cars on Tuesday December 7th. Receive a full media pack and free Official Knight Rider Products plus a complementary Golden Ticket Group Photograph with the stars of Knight Rider and much more besides. Tickets are limited to only three hundred (300) so an early booking and payment is required.

Autograph Ticket Holders: Tickets are now available at a cost of only £15
each. This ticket includes entry to the grounds after 10:30 am on wednesday December 8th, you’ll receive an autographed picture of KITT or the Show Stars, have the opportunity to purchase official Knight Rider UK Experience Products at a reduced entry price and a free Buffet & various Hot & Cold Drinks are available throughout. Tickets are limited so early booking is required.

All cheques are to be made payable only to:


Payment Terms: strictly 50% upon application. (Quickstar Associates allows
seven (7) working days to receive a requestor’s cheque.) All prospective
booking applications cease after that period. Full payment is due at the
Head Office Address no later than Monday July 5th 2004.


Customer Services:
Calls from International Lines +44 1945 480 687
Telephone Lines within the UK 01 945 480 687

Cancellation: if a requestor cancels at any time after an application and
interim payment has been made then, up to twenty-one (21) days prior to the event booked, a cancellation fee is applicable at a rate of 33% of payment made. Within the twenty-one (21) day period up to seven (7) days prior to the event booked, a cancellation fee is applicable at a rate of
seventy-five 75% of payment made. If a requestor cancels an event booking without good reason, within the seven (7) day period, then, forfeit of all payment made is automatically accepted by the applicant.

Quickstar Associates is a dedicated business that provides
Business/Corporate Exhibitions, Shows & Events and Public Relations.
(Quickstar PR.) Mainly dealing with Local and Regional companies within the UK over the last six years with small to medium budgets.

Quickstar PR. has recently been awarded with the contract to provide: the
Knight-Rider UK Experience Tour, which will run for a period of two years
extending to a possible four.

Managed by Quickstar PR, the Knight Rider Control centre (KRCC) has
produced the complete UK tour layout for the Knight Rider UK Experience.

KRCC is supported by a specialist product and information management team which includes; Mark’s Custom KITTS, Glen A. Larson Productions (USA Support Team). Integritis, Giftmark Enterprises & Instantpix as well as many other smaller UK and International business partners.

Knight-Rider has a cult following… in the UK alone an ever growing
(1,193,750+) audience view and support the series over the Net on TV,
through Fan Clubs and Knight-Rider Chat Sites, or by purchasing Replica and Original Knight-Rider products.

BRAVO has shown the complete Knight-Rider series twice, and now… due to popular demand, has started to show it for the third time. (SKY Channel 124/5 at 10:30 am & 6 pm.)

Since the 1980’s the UK has built up a cult following of Knight-Rider Fans.
The www. Has over 230 (2003/4) sites built by UK. Fan’s alone, who have
been asking for many years to have a UK Tour of the KITT Cars, and until
recently this has not been able as 1, the KITT Cars were not available. 2,
shipping by an independent company was too costly. 3, owner’s rights were still in force & 4, a single location would be too small.

Quickstar Associates has fulfilled the above areas, and upon continued
communications with the original Creator of Knight-Rider (Glen A. Larson
Productions) and Universal Studios the provision of authorised Licence
documentation of extension will be provided for a further two years.

Early indications show that the Knight-Rider UK Experience will be a major
success KRCC has already received many calls. Knight Rider www. Sites are now filling up with the news of a UK tour and of a NEW Knight-Rider Movie coming out in 2005 which we have been asked to present the
KITT Cars to at the premier showing of the new Knight-Rider movie at Leicester Square London.

We have already received 1,000’s of enquiries for corporate/promotional events in addition to our public viewings, and in December 2004 we are offering applicants a Golden Ticket Option.

Quickstar Associates and the KRCC Dept. are now in the final stages of
set-up. And will launch with a premier viewing this Christmas. (December
2004) To reserve your GOLDEN TICKET call our Advance Reservation bookings & information line:
+44 (0) 1945 480 687 and you can join us for the unveiling of KITT 1
(Series 1/2 T-Top), KITT 2 (Series 4 Convertible) and our very-own WHITE KNIGHT (Remember its Christmas… this car is a stunner!!!) for FULL UK Tour details please go to: http://WWW.KNIGHTRIDER-UK.COM

The Knight Rider Control centre (KRCC) deals with all Promotion & Sales,
Bookings & Enquiries, the KRCC Newsletter, Sponsorship, Advertising and Operations & Communications. Promotional Product Designs and Mail Order Distribution. Location Photography and PR Delivery.

Our aim is to provide the UK. With the best Knight-Rider UK Experience &
Tour, Impress our clients, provide our Sponsors with great returns on
investment, and above all, provide the fans with what they want… KITT.

The demand for our Knight-Rider UK Experience Product has exceeded all
expectations in its early stages. Corporate companies have been contacting KRCC since early March… for early viewings of the KITT Cars. The media is showing so much interest, we had to commission a PR Company (Tangerine PR) to work alongside Quickstar PR to handle them in such a way as we can carry on normal business. The www. Is hot with the news that KITT is coming to the UK. So much so INTEGRITIS is now building our site much earlier than expected. News got out that we are providing a range of Knight-Rider products at our events/shows… hundreds of calls were received on that day, and as a result we are launching them earlier than expected on a Products Page within Its hard to state how many
enquiries are coming into KRCC or our web-site at present… therefore we
have decided to place availability notification for ALL Sales and Enquiries
on the web-site (at the earliest opportunity) and make Products available
through mail order, from as early as Monday 7th June 2004.

Enquiries for our products have come from many areas including: Banks,
Telecommunications Companies, Local Government, Councils, Theme Parks, Cinemas, Chain-Stores, Car Show-rooms and many other areas, therefore please allow twenty eight days (28) for dilevery within the UK and forty five (45) days for International delivery.

The advertisement placement section is about to launch on the web
site (August 1st 2004) with over 6,500 interested parties requiring
information on this service already. For further information please goto:

Built on the reputation of a sound original TV Show in the early 1980’s a
cult following of fans exceeding 1 Million (250,000+) in the UK alone, who
are waiting in anticipation for the introduction of the NEW movie, which is
about to hit the big screens early 2005 and, now with the launch of the
Knight Rider UK Experience introducing the original first series and third
series KITT Cars, including the launch of WHITE KNIGHT. It seems to good to be true… Well, the opportunity has now arrived and we are now ready to supply an injection of Knight-Rider to the United Kingdom, and it comes in the name of: The Knight Rider UK Experience. Brought to you by: QUICKSTAR ASSOCIATES.

Our Objective
Quickstar Associates main objective was to purchase the first series 2x TV
Dash Original KITT Car from Universal Studios. When Quickstar PR (Our own Public Relations Department.) found out that the Original KITT Car was returned to Glen A. Larson Productions we kept on contacting them until Mr Larson himself returned a call to us who stated ‘the car was stored at the original designers location. Mark’s Custom Kitts’ who now designs replica versions of this amazing car. Mr Mark Scrivani offered us the purchase opportunity for an original replica car design to Quickstar Associates.

It was after a very short period of time, when the phones started to ring
and potential customers started to be interested in viewing the car, therefore we decided to look at possible locations/attractions that would
be interested. It was then that the word started to spread and with input
coming in, we decided to set up the: Knight-Rider UK Experience.

We re-contacted Glen A. Larson with regards to receiving
authorisation/permission for showing the KITT Car. They awarded us with
permission and promotional backing subject to, although not limited to
extending the vehicle range to the series three 1x TV Dash, Super Pursuit
TA and the Knight 2000 (Red Pontiac) for a UK tour. After careful
consideration and subject to receiving appropriate funds we are now ready
to launch this December 2004.

The tour will comprise of a minimum 64 public viewing locations, 128
corporate hiring opportunities, 1000 daily hire and various promotional,
gala, show & motor events over a two year period. Subject to the success of this tour our sponsors and overseas business agents will be requesting
Quickstar Associates to extend the tour for a further two years by introducing new vehicles, additional props, and World - Wide promotion of
the tour.

We at Quickstar Associates are looking forward to providing the UK and
International Knight-Rider fans with what they want. KITT!

Quickstar Associates & The Knight-Rider UK Experience is the only
business/show that will have original style KITT Cars and props that are
only available under licence by Universal Studios and Glen A. Larson
Productions. Therefore there are no direct competitors.

Quickstar Associates
KRCC Promotions.

Make of that what you will. I'd advise no-one to send any money until their site is more than a holder page. Feel free to try those phone numbers, and let us all know how you get on. Call me cynical, but I'm not ringing them just yet. ;)

More news, as and when I have it.

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Post by kido » Mon Apr 12, 2004 9:15 pm

I didn't read all of it,but I know its a good thing. :D
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Post by CB2001 » Tue Apr 13, 2004 12:04 am

Um... I don't get it. What is it?

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Yeah right!!!

Post by Menace » Tue Apr 13, 2004 4:26 am

Hi All,

I have spoken to Davids management as i know someone there. They do NOT know anything about this event and Universal will prosecute any persons claiming to have contact with them and using the names without permission. They have NEVER agreed to use these people to ferry KITT to the London premiere. As Steve of KOE Lnondon said, you guys don't really believe this.. Steve has spoken to Mark and he has never endorsed them nor sold any cars to them although they wanted him to start building 5 cars. He said to stay away. So..Glen told them to go to the original builder. MCK ??? Sure..I called the number, and spoke to someone who had no idea of any details regarding specifications or contacts. I think if they carry on they will be receiving their long awaited contact with Universal, but not the type they are expecting. The location will proberbly be court.

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Post by Knight_Rider2004 » Mon Apr 19, 2004 11:09 pm

very interesting and of course very shameful of someone to try to bank off of the Knight Rider franchise. I'm sure they are trying to do this due to Knight Rider's popularity overseas. I think if they tried it here Universal would definitely take them to court much faster than in london