Is the site under any bot take over threats?

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Is the site under any bot take over threats?

Postby jup » Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:37 am

Is this site under any bot take over threats? As, just last night, I was making an entry and the browser really became super slow. So, I closed out the browser and went for the temporary file removal tool. That's when my anti-virus spoke up with 'Threat detected' and listed a couple trojans that show up in the browser called Luxorar.exe and supercow.exe. I know this web site has been focused in upon by these ugly spammer bots and complaints about some site functions have been logged. But, is this site safe?

EDIT: Never mind. I just went back to the trouble thread and realized where the security leak came from. It was that link to the external Craig's List web site about the kiddie ride KITT.

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