possible outline(ideas on the undecided script)

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possible outline(ideas on the undecided script)

Post by trav. knight » Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:15 pm

this is just an idea(been writing it myself for about a year now)


[spoiler=]-some time after I love the knight life episode-

"Micheal?" coming out of a daydream, his eyes shot their gaze at the red and blue orb on his dashboard.this was his partner and Friend: K.I.T.T(Knight Industries Three Thousand).
"what KITT?" he asked.
"I sense there is something bothering you again."
micheal didn't hear a word, his mind was elsewhere.Since his girlfriend(Sarah Graiman)and thier friend's(billy morgan and zoe chae)recently took over ownership of the new F.L.A.G (Foundation for Law And Government), their lifes have all been busy.
micheal looked over at the silver briefcase next to him, the contents of the case could very well determine FLAG's future. However, recently a new enemy by the name of Darth archamedies had set-out to eliminate all who share the name Knight. Micheal heard a noise and shifted his eyes to the blanket in his back seat,it to would have it's roll in the future...
"Huh?" looking up, the word:WARNING, was flashing on ans of the windsheild.
Quick acting from KITT prevented a car crash.
"That was to close for comfort." micheal said with a sigh of releief.
"Do you think I should drive?"
"sure KITT, knock yourself out."

Future referance for the next chapter:
as zoe walked away with the case,billy handed sarah the bundle,"May his name forever be remembered, for he lives on now in his son: Micheal tracer Knight jr." "what about knight industries and KITT?" "for now, I will temporarly shut it down until 1 of my kids can take over, until then, we keep this all a secret, as for KITT, he unfortuently will be shut down also, I hope he will understand." Sarah threw her rose onto the grave maked: here lies Micheal tracer knight, 1 man who made the diffrence. Then,with her kids: Amy and wilton, they walked away to a bleack looking future...)[/spoiler]

it's just a fan's crazy idea, but i would like to know what you guys think...
1 man/ 1 car/ 1 diffrence....

1 man can make a diffrence,but you must decide to...