Fan Fic - Season 2 Episode 1 - Knight’s Fury

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Re: Fan Fic - Season 2 Episode 1 - Knight’s Fury

Post by My_Friend_KITT » Sat Jul 11, 2009 6:22 am

Tebogo Kuna had not been stilled by the obvious conflict. He carefully watched the feud from the safe distance of the lobby elevators. He smiled evilly as he watched Welther snap rude comments at Micheal Knight's son. And, he carefully and shrewdly waited for an opportunity to arise.

Kuna may have become a wallflower of the evilest kind, but he was calculating, vicious, and thoroughly misunderstood and he LOVED it. "Yes, make the boy get frustrated. Make the miserable SOB shoot you." His mind yelled out in pure joy. He would have paid double his father's fortune to be here at this very moment. All it needed was a full orchestral accompaniment and he would have been in the best heaven or maybe hell of his life.

Finally he saw it, it was quite possibly the only moment in time God or the devil himself would allow him. Junior had his backed turned to him. "The boy had to be the world's biggest fool to turn his back on me, Tebogo Kuna." Tebogo growled as he grinned devilishly. "Does he not know that he is on emeny territory?" He thought as he slinked quietly through and around the gathered mob.

Tebogo carefully and silently used his many years of training with his father's hired militants to his advantage. He stealthily slipped along the edge of bystanders while never taking his eyes off of his target, Micheal Knight. He could clearly see the boy's face red with rage as he contemplated shooting Mulhare or not. Tebogo could care less what would happen to associate. Mulhare was expendible.

Tebogo stilled his breath as he carefully slid into the obliviously gawking crowd. He needed silence to be his ally. With all the casualness of sliding a cigarette out of his inner coat pocket, Kuna pulled out his weapon of choice, a small makeshift all-plastic semi-automatic pistol. It had no make or model likings or markings. It was built by his father's most-trusted and highly skilled associates. Kuna knew his weapon well. He spent many an hour practicing with it, cleaning it, and even sleeping with it close to his heart. It had served him well.

Tebogo positioned himself in between two very large adults. With their girth as his cover, he half-knelt down and lined up Micheal Knight in his sights. "The Knight legacy ends HERE!" His mind encouraged him as he slowly squeezed the sensitive trigger.

"MICHEAL, LOOK OUT!" KITT yelled into the earwig at the very same second...

A loud gunshot rang throughout the expansive hall causing women to scream and everyone to duck for any cover they could find.
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Re: Fan Fic - Season 2 Episode 1 - Knight’s Fury

Post by Matthew » Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:13 pm

Tebogo Kuna fell to the floor as blood poured from the wound in his back. In the distance, the familiar figure of an ex-Knight Rider stood silently holding a Sig Sauer pistol. Like a shadow, he’d been following his son, protecting him from himself, and now, the final act would commence, whilst his friends and family would know nothing of his part in the day’s events.

“KITT, where’s Zachary?” Michael asked his Trans Am laden partner through the commlink on his left wrist.

“Fleeing in a black BMW 6 series Michael,” KITT replied.

“You’d better be ready to catch me!” Michael announced as he leapt off the roof of the building.

“We’re getting too old for this Michael,” KITT announced as his left-hand autoroof opened, and his driver’s seat rose to the roofline to act as a cushion.

Landing with a grace belying his age, Michael grasped the gullwinged steering wheel, and nailed the accelerator, as the roof closed above his head.

“Where is he KITT?” Michael asked.

“2.3 miles ahead of us Michael,” KITT replied as a satellite image being generated by his tracking scope appeared on dashboard’s computer screen.

Michael pushed the pursuit mode button on the far right-hand panel of the dashboard, causing KITT’s ride height to lower, and his afterburners to ignite, propelling the Knight 2000 to speeds in excess of 300mph.


Jonathan Zachary was going as fast as he could. He knew that the whole thing had gone tits up, and his only chance of survival now was to make it to the airfield.


“Zachary has entered the Van Nuys airfield Michael,” KITT noted as his partner’s stoic features remained unchanged.

The Trans Am had reached its upper limit, and would be entering the airfield within 90 seconds, but Michael knew they would be too late to catch Zachary on the ground.

“What kind of plane is he boarding KITT?” Michael asked.

“A Learjet 85 Michael,” KITT replied matter of factly.

“Remember how we stopped Tanya and Renard KITT?” Michael asked with a gleam in his eye.

“Yes, but I must remind you that airframe materials have been improved greatly, as has the fuel capacity. To impact a wing tank like we have in the past may cause an instantaneous explosion,” KITT noted.

“Any suggestions?” Michael asked as the Trans Am entered Van Nuys, and began to chase the Learjet down the runway.

“Actually, I do Michael,” KITT announced with something of a gleam in his voice modulator.


Inside the Learjet, Zachary finally felt safe...


The Trans Am pulled alongside the Learjet, and Michael stared at Zachary with an evilness belying the awful things that must be done for the greater good.


Zachary stared in disbelief, as his worst nightmare was coming true right before his very eyes.

“Get this plane in the air, now!” he ordered.

“Yes sir,” came the pilots reply.


Pulling ahead of the Learjet, Michael looked KITT square in the voice modulator. “You ready pal?”

“As ready as I will ever be, given my programming would have prevented this in the old days,” KITT opined.

“We all grow beyond what was envisioned buddy,” Michael noted with a smile as he pushed the auto cruise button.

With KITT in control, he slammed on the breaks, and spun 180 degrees on the spot, a move not even Michael could have accomplished. The look of fear in the pilot’s eyes was horrifying, as the Learjet’s forward landing gear crumpled upon impact with the angular prow of the Trans Am. The fuselage impacted KITT’s roof and began to crumple against the impenetrable shell as the plane’s nose hit the ground with a slew of fiery sparks.

Having returned himself to manual control, Michael shifted KITT into reverse, and nailed the accelerator, pulling a pinpoint j-turn, and heading off in pursuit of the downed plane.

Fleeing the wreckage, Zachary ran smack bang into the passenger door of the Trans Am. Michael climbed out, and slugged the young man with a hard right fist to the jaw, knocking him unconscious.

“Open the trunk pal,” Michael ordered.

KITT’s trunk opened, and Michael dumped Zachary’s unconscious body inside, slamming it shut over his son’s would-be killer.

“What now Michael?” KITT asked.

“We take a trip to the high desert, and make sure Mike and Sarah never hear from Jonathan Zachary again!” Michael stated ominously, as he climbed into the driver’s seat, shifted KITT’s gearbox into drive, and hit the accelerator, taking the Tran Am out of the airfield at high speed.


Back at the Knight Estate, Mike and Sarah stood silently on the balcony.

Inside the office that once belonged to Devon Miles, Charles sat at the ornate desk talking to the Knight Industries Three Thousand.

“Any word on Jonathan Zachary KITT?” Charles asked.

“None I am afraid. It would seem he has disappeared without a trace,” KITT noted.

“Still no news on who took down Tebogo Kuna either?” Charles asked, again knowing the answer.

“None Dr. Graiman,” KITT responded. “Dr. Graiman, do you believe in guardian angels?” KITT asked.

“I believe in men who do what must be done to protect those they love KITT. Whether that means I believe in guardian angels, I don’t know. I’ll let the bible decide that,” Charles noted.

“Indeed,” KITT replied as the line went silent.

Charles rose from the desk, and looked out onto the patio, and spoke Wilton Knight’s most poignant words. “One man CAN make a difference Michael... thank you for doing so once again,” he added softly with a smile, as the sun set on the vengeance fuelled day.


In the high desert, a Trans Am raced through the sand below the lowering sun...

The End.
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