turbo boosted tv nostalgia

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turbo boosted tv nostalgia

Post by KITT » Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:54 pm

hey, i saw this article from UNLV. whoever wrote it is pretty funny. there's more to the story at the link, i just copied the first part of it. it doesn't like the last part of the link, so i guess you'll have to copy/paste it.
linkage: http://unlvrebelyell.com/2009/03/23/‘turbo-boosted’-tv-nostalgia/

Blast from the past: ‘Knight Rider’ Festival skids onto Fremont Street, raises money for charity

KITT was the automotive TV star in the '80's hit "Knight Rider." photo by Jorge Labrador
The Knight Rider Festival: a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a fandom that totally exists.
Mayor Oscar Goodman declared Friday Knight Rider Festival Day as this first-ever showcase of cars, swag and trivia turbo-boosted onto the Fremont Street Experience for the weekend, celebrating the 27-year-old action-adventure TV series and its 2008 remake.
A car show lined downtown, capping off both ends of the Fremont Street Experience with classic and contemporary Shelby cars.
The main attraction, however, was the set of 1982 Pontiac Trans-Ams geared up to look like the series’ infamous automobile star, KITT.

Cast and crew from original "Knight Rider" sign autographs after a panel discussion. Photo by Jorge Labrador
And yes, his rat-bastard doppelgänger, KARR.
Lady: "I bet you're tall, dark, and handsome."
KITT: "I'm definitely dark and handsome, I'm only tall when I'm climbing a steep incline."

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Re: turbo boosted tv nostalgia

Post by Vegasmike » Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:52 pm

Good article, even though Neil was spelled Neal.