KARR...Back from the Bridge CPU, or New Creation?

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What do you think this KARR is?

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A. KARR from '82, ala CPU retrieval and placed in a new exoskeleton/Mustang body
B. A completely new enity, that happens to have a simular name to the '82 KARR
C. A mix of both
D. None of the Above
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Re: KARR...Back from the Bridge CPU, or New Creation?

Post by PunkMaister » Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:47 pm

jshorva65 wrote:Computer genius that Charles Graiman is/was, it would be an awfully hard sell for me to believe that he would have been so foolish as to "make the same mistake twice" as to KARR-E being created by him as a new entity in the 21st century after already having discovered the error that made KARR(82) go rogue and incorporated its simple fix into KI2T's AI. Does everyone else here follow my logic so far? Whether KARR's AI was resurrected from a physical CPU or from Backup media and adapted (by Graiman acting purely under duress) to a new platform and activated (again under duress) by him then becomes irrelevant. We are, afer all, talking about NSA here, an agency which, by definition, has zero respect for human life. "That's the Military mind for you, 'Kill or be killed.'" (the late Jonathan Harris as Dr. Zachary Smith, Lost In Space, "The Reluctant Stowaway" 1965). That would fully explain Alex Torres' assertion that KARR-E's systems aren't Plag-and-Play, KARR(82) having pre-dated PnP technology bt more than a decade. Even KI2T's new applications needed considerable manual configuration by Bonnie in TOS after each was installed. Remember the Laser in TDR when KI2T first did battle with KARR(82) in TOS? Who else here remembers that, despite Graiman's creations' having been decades ahead of anything Gates' MS had even begun to conceptualize in its real-life R&D, the printers at the FLAG office and in the semi were still tractor-feed dot-matrix technology? Mike's memory could be the medium by which Graiman could be shown (re)activating KARR-E from the wrong end of Hearst's weapon, then (reluctantly, perhaps) saving Hearst's miserable skin by obeying Hearst's subsequent command (also enforced by point-blank 9mm) to deactivate KARR-E as he turns to attack Hearst for ordering Graiman to shut him down. That would also fully explain why KARR-E told Torres that he (still) only accepted orders from Graiman. KARR-E would have perceived Graiman's having shut him down at gunpoint as Graiman only acting in self-preservation, as KARR-E himself would doubtless fully comprehend. Yes, before I get flamed for this, I do remember that KARR(82) remembered Wilton Knight as having both activated and then deactivated him. Graiman might have given Wilton Knight the honor of starting up KARR(82) for the first time, and the shutdown code so Knight could again shut down KARR(82) perhaps because KARR(82)'s faulty programming might have caused him to abandon Ken Franklin, thus leaving him in the position which allowed CJ Jackson to fire the fatal shot (and five more) at Franklin. Ken Franklin was the first driver of a FLAG supercar, before Michael Long/Michael Knight Sr. In KOTD (S3E1), Devon reveals the story of Franklin's being killed in the line of duty to Michael Sr. (although absent any mention of KARR). If the chronology depicted in KOTP (that KI2T wasn't completed until after Michael Long underwent and recovered from his plastic surgery and was completed when he was only because of an accelerated work schedule) is taken as canon, then "chickening out" on the part of KARR(82) due to faulty programming could have been a contributing factor in Franklin's death. It was never revealed in TOS (to my recollection) how many (if any) died as a result of KARR(82)'s defective programming. Perhaps the total number of deaths for which KARR-E was responsible was a total from all of the times when his faulty programming had (either directly or indirectly) caused loss of innocent lives.

Wow that's pretty feasible actually you should write it to the show exec producers and writers to see if they embed it into the show should it ever get a second season... :mrgreen: :good: :mrgreen:

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Re: KARR...Back from the Bridge CPU, or New Creation?

Post by the original KITT » Thu Jan 29, 2009 4:33 pm

I believe that KARR-E is a completley different. It is hard to believe that a genious can make a mistake twice when he corrected it. (KI2T as proof)

I always got the impresion that Wilton Knight created both KITT and KARR from TOS. KR2K8 only involved Graiman becasue they couldn't think of a way to get Knight rider going again.

Also doesn't KARR say in trust doesn't rust ..."My creator Wilton Knight, he bought me into the world and then turned on me!" this is proof then.

It's quite confusing.

Someone wrote this "they can't bring back KARR becasue no 1 will make the same mistake twice," this was ages ago, he/she is right, they should have really said that when they went to clean up the area where KARR had been destroyed, KARRS AI was found working in the reckage and kept it a secret in order to make a robot i.e KARR-E to save soldiers lives.

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