I'm thinking of buying the box set of knight rider but...

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I'm thinking of buying the box set of knight rider but...

Postby Knight Racer » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:58 pm

I have a few concerns before I plunk down another $100 for a series I already have on individual season release,I need to know something.

Does this have the corrected season 3 sounds that were missing or replaced?

By replaced I mean the whole funny scene where in Lost Knight the sounds for kitt's ejector seat are changed.

In Dead of Knight,the girl dances to nothing in the original season 3 release.The scene should have had her dance to When dove's cry by Queen.Is this corrected in the box set?

I read that there are missing sounds from knight of the chameleon and a few other places.

Are there any extras that the individual sets don't have?

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