ok few things i wanna say about knightrider

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ok few things i wanna say about knightrider

Post by ianruk » Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:14 pm

ok i wanna say a few things about this knight rider and also a few things i wanna say about people bad mouthing the show.

first off i was not a fan of this 2 hour movie of this new knight rider,,i read some people saying it was good cause it tied into the orginal, but it could have been so much better if not for the writers strike,they could have added a lot more.

people bad mouth the new knight rider saying 'o its not as good' or 'its not the same' ,'why didnt they remake it with orignal cast'
well the thing is people are always gonna find faluts with shows like this,,remember it isnt a remake of a old classic show like so many others have been,as they stated its based after the orignal knight rider which people dont seem to understand, times change,,if they were to remkae knight rider from scatch people would still complain,or if they did the show with the orginal cast week after week people would complain 'they too old its not the same ' blah blah.

people are hard to please and instead of complaining why dont people just be happy they brought knight rider back, all these years people been saying 'we want knight rider' and now we got it back people just complain

is the show perfect.... NO, there are a few things that is just not right,l

*Like the fact the orginal had a state of the art car which looked good and now they pick such a non looking knight rider car (they could have done better with that)

* The fact KARR is now a tranformer robot (not knight rider)

*Too much cheese and lovey stuff between mike and sarah (although the hoff was always with different girls every episode) lol but you understand what i mean right??

*[spoiler=]killing of Charles Graiman (which i dont agree with since he was a devon type person) i think they should have killed off Carrie Rivai since i never really understood her point in the show,least if they kept Charles Graiman alive he could have came back later on[/spoiler]

im sure theres a few other things wrong aswell but hey thats what you must expect when somethings taking off, they worked hard making this show and now are changing too more like the orginal which is good

instead of people putting it down they should just be happy with what they have done,and i understand why they did these 'weekly terrorist' things,they wanted to build a story where every week they could add bits and make people wanna tune in to see what is really going on,instead of weekly eps where a story ends after 1 hour

NBC hasnt helped at all first off by cutting the number of episodes from 22 to 17 and not to mention the fact they do not promote knight rider as much as they could

so instead of blaming the actors and writers start blaming NBC for the lack of support and respect they are showing this show.

ok thats my lil rant over with haha sorry to have bored everyone but i had to tell what i felt

on a closing note people say Peter Cullen voiced KARR on the orignal series
he only voiced KARR once on the 2 epsiodes KARR appeared in

Trust Doesn't Rust (1982) Played by Peter Cullen
K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R. (1984) Played by Paul Frees

dont forget to give Paul Frees his dues for voicing KARR in the other episode both were great episodes

o yea dont forget our knight rider myspace


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