Do you think we'll ever see KI3T being dented?

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Do you think we'll ever see KI3T being dented?

Post by BlueChaos » Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:01 pm


That image I saw above on NBC's blog raised a question in my head of whether we will ever see KI3T being dented in a fight. IIRC, in the KR:TOS we saw KITT being dented a few times during battles with Goliath, the car crusher and even when he was being shot by heavy artillery. The only dent we ever saw for KI3T (other than the 'piece of KITT' plastic from episode 2 after the Turbo Boost landing) was when his side mirror was broken in the February backdoor pilot.

I think the producers will make an argument that since KI3T is made of nanoskin, he can't actually "dent". The MBS was actually a "hardened shell" but it's still a shell, so a great force could theoretically dent it (I think of it as a material that's 1000x harder than steel, but if something can do 1000x the pressure needed to bend steel, maybe it will bend?). As for nanoskin, I think an impact to it will only make it "shatter", not dent. From what we saw in episode 2 where KITT was broken after the Turbo Boost landing, it seems that damage on KITT will take form as "shattered nanoskin", as seen in this pic I attached.

KITT-broken-nanoskin.jpg (33.53 KiB) Viewed 2909 times

So, what do you think about this? Will we ever see KI3T being dented? I would not like it if KI3T got grabbed and squeezed or smashed by this junkyard claw, only for him to emerge unscathed with only some greyish "shattered nanoskin" on his body. It would make it very unrealistic. What made KI2T interesting for me was that he was in some ways vulnerable and he COULD be dented (so Bonnie would have something to do and repair it, unlike Sarah today who had almost nothing to do as KITT's mechanic).
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Re: Do you think we'll ever see KI3T being dented?

Post by mykittcar » Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:31 pm


i got a dent for you if you play the episode 5 almost at the end where he starts to chase the guys in the Humvee and she about to scream if you look at the valance or ground effects its bent or dented in the rear on the bottom between the tail pipes .i have some picts but not perfect but if you play it yourself you see what I'm talking about their is your dent and not perfect

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Re: Do you think we'll ever see KI3T being dented?

Post by pheonix_knight » Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:56 pm

Story line wise, no cos the Nanotech would instantly repair it. Unless the CPU is removed/shutdown but it would repair again once be reactivated...