I'm liking the show so far

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I'm liking the show so far

Post by rhdaussiekitt » Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:57 am

well after sieng the show a few times now up to the latest eps I'm getting into it more ,
I like in the 3rd episode Zoey and Michael used Bonnie and Devon as there names.

I like how kitt is growing more as a partner and friend to Michael now, and Michael actually seems to respect and likes having kitt around now. I would like to see some way for us when kitt is driving and when michael is driving, so we can tell, but I do wish the would try more in some of the episodes where the guy there after ends up dying, I think in the o/s kitt would have used his micro jammer or something to try and save them, thats really been my only gripes so far, but really starting to get into it. The last episode with Michael climbing out of kitt on to his hood was really cool, maybe they could add a sunroof to kitt to make that easier for next time.