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My Review :)

Post by killem2 » Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:30 pm

I know I know, I'm hardly ever on these boards enough to seem like I should waste time with a review, but I'm bored at work and I'd like to give my opinion.

My impressions of this 1st episode were a little mixed. In one hand, I feel the effects were fine, I felt very knight rider ish back from my kiddies days watching Hoff do his stuff, but in the other hand, I almost felt like it was rushed, distracted, sorta like a kid with ADD and you give him a hot wheels set with tracks, a wood train set, and then some legos. great things once complete a mess if you get into them all at the same time.

Like many the number of characters were just out there. It's worse than one of my other favorite shows, Smallville. I think most of all those characters could work, but they really should have been introduced over 2 episodes instead of one massive one, perhaps a two part to be continued episode much like the original did. I felt confused when the fbi, seemed to push Knight Industries around, and they were practically begging Michael to drive KITT in the pilot movie but yet now it seems they have to 2nd guess what they want to do or be jerks about it.

As far as KITT goes, I love the voice, I did in the pilot movie as well. I enjoyed forms he could take on, minus the truck. I don't think the truck had any place in his abilities. Regardless the turbo boost was nice to see, and so was the HUD. However, I still kind of missed the cut to's of the voice box even just a couple times. Nothing major though on this end. I think they did a great job with kitt, but they seemed to try and squish as much KITT in one episode, and let the viewers be draw through a few episodes to see what else he can do.

I am ready to watch more, and I can't wait for next wednesday for sure. (or sci fi if you want to catch it on fridays :) ) anyway, just my input.