Looks like Speed Racer got it right

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Looks like Speed Racer got it right

Post by ckeller22 » Fri Dec 21, 2007 2:27 am

OMG it's amazing the Mach 5 looks like the original Mach 5. Looks like they didn't change the original recipe. This cartoon was out before me. Leave it to NBCU to always tinker with things people love. Looks like Warner bos did a good job. Here is the link if anybody wants to see the trailer http://speedracerthemovie.warnerbros.com/cmp/main.html
I personally like it.

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Re: Looks like Speed Racer got it right

Post by Michael Pajaro » Fri Dec 21, 2007 2:42 am

I also am cautiously optimistic about the movie. There are SO many things they did right. But they have done some tinkering. The dash is a MAJOR change. I miss the lettered buttons on the steering wheel. (I'm told that the glorious "G Button" and others are still there someplace.)
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