Kitt children?

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Scott Kirkessner
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Post by Scott Kirkessner » Mon Dec 09, 2002 4:28 pm

And what I see here is a sick bastard.

TT Snim that is disgusting and in bad taste. KnightImmortal is not a party pooper, she is simply trying to state how you guys are basically treading all over the Knight Rider fandom with all your dippo retarded posts about KITT having children.

Let's think about it here people- he is a computer!!! An artificial intelligence housed in a car. He has no veins, only wires and cables... wake up and smell the roses, KITT is not human.

Now, as for you TT Snim, every now and then we get a spaz invasion on the board and it looks like you are the flavor of the month...

Your post made me sick and disgusted, and I suggest you try to maintain a more professional manner on the board instead of this childish bull.

Knightimmortal is a moderator, try a little more respect, if you even know what that is.


TT Snim wrote:*Walks up to Knightimmortal and wraps arm around shoulder* What you see here, guys, is a party pooper. Now, how do we make poor KI relax and have some fun? :) Pie. Lots of pie. *Pulls pie out of Hammer space* Mmmmm... pie... *Tosses it up and down for a second.* Hay KI, you can have suger, can't you? :twisted:

*pie is tossed... hits KI in face!*

Come on guys... pie is on me! I mean her!

Any way, I was thinking, thugh Babs and Beth I would like to read your odd Micheal/Kitt children story... But I was thinking mechanical like. I've gotten the first part of the story done and will give it By Email to any one who wants it.

*Licks KI's cheak*

So all ya got to do is ask me.

And Kosi... get help. Your welcome to join me and the B-Babes, just leave the caffien at home. :wink:

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Post by neps » Mon Dec 09, 2002 5:01 pm

Uhm yea, about that. See, Knightimmortal here is the moderator. And in the nicest way possible she asked you to cool it down a bit. And you mock her like this? Behavior like this wont be tolerated and I ask that you not do it again.

See. I am the board Administrator, and Im not asking you to stop, I'm more or less telling you to. So please take your immature perverted disrespect elsewhere, and make a contribution to the board instead of hindering it.

if you have an issue with this, please email me.