DH salary?

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DH salary?

Post by Dana Knight » Sat Nov 16, 2002 11:57 pm

If you want to know which episode of Knight Rider bet Dallas is was the episode aired on 11 of May 1983. My guess is it was a rerun, the rating was Knight Rider 16 and Dallas 15

Averages Knight Rider 18 rating and a 30 share, and Dallas a 20 rating and a 33 share. Dallas was the number one show that year again, O.K looking at the rating Dallas is a lot more bigger than I thought. Well I was born just after the world found out who shot J.R.

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DH salary?

Post by KFCreator » Sun Nov 17, 2002 12:03 am

Actually, on several occassions that I remember, Knight Rider was cited for produing some very high ratings. In fact, I can't believe no ne has cited the pilot for its high ratings. if I remember correctly, the pilot was number one in Nielsen ratings for the week? Also I heard somewhere that the pilot generated such high ratings for the series that NBC decided to run the pilot again only a few weeks later. Also, I'm sure that there were many other episodes besides "Forget me not" that garnered high ratings, weren't there?

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DH salary?

Post by Knight Rider Archive » Tue Nov 19, 2002 8:10 am

The episode "Forget Me Not" was the most-viewed episode in the UK, not the US. This was back in early 1983 when we only had four TV channels, but the remarkable thing about it is the fact that it beat the top-rated soaps that particular week, coming in ahead of "Coronation Street." That episode pulled in around 18 million viewers.

On the subject of David Hasselhoff's salary, one of the articles on my site states he was earning somewhere in the region of $15,000 per show, plus a fortune from personal appearances.

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