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What do you NOT want to see in a KR movie?

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Re: What do you NOT want to see in a KR movie?

Postby james olden » Mar 17, 2012 2:13 pm

The main thing I am asking is to please not make this movie a spoof like how they did the starsky and hutch movie
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Re: What do you NOT want to see in a KR movie?

Postby knight2001987 » Mar 18, 2012 2:10 am

well, I wouldnt like for it to be turned into a comedy action and for hollywood not to mess it up nor do a injustice like the miami vice movie,dukes of hazzard etc. It still bothers me how they made rosco who he was the complete opposite of in the series and also the ateam movie could have been alot better. :kitt:
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Re: What do you NOT want to see in a KR movie?

Postby DLAspider » Mar 21, 2012 12:16 am

csknight wrote:6. A great cast. Mike Knight played by Josh Dumell.
8.Garth Played by Timothy Olophant

You mean not just the same actor, but with one having a goatee? :lol:
KI4T wrote:Okay lets see.
1. KITT who has no personallity, a bit like the new KITT, he is more a computer than a person, but funny ^^^.
2. The Hoff, he was great in the 80s but with the money he would earn he would buy alcohol.
3. KITT in a car like an Audi TT or a New Betle or something like this.
4. KITT with a female voice.
5. A fat guy as driver of KITT.
6. Destoyable KITT.
7. No KITT xD
8. Something like an evil KITT who is working for evil guys.
9. KITT without Turbo Boost.
10. Slow KITT.
11. A movie without anything of knight rider but with the title. aren't trying to troll my thread are you?

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