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by KI2000PA
Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:56 pm
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Topic: Knight Rider rights.
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Re: Knight Rider rights.

1981? Nope the original Knight Rider was 1982 not 1981
by KI2000PA
Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:17 am
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Topic: Fixing Kenner Voice KITT
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Re: Fixing Kenner Voice KITT

You are in luck sir for I can rebuild completely your entire Kenner KITT voice box and have it working like brand new, I have my original KITT voice car from the year of release and on occasion have had to change out the neoprene band a number of times all I used was a slightly smaller VCR neoprene ...
by KI2000PA
Sat Apr 02, 2005 8:55 pm
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Also Michael's boss's name is Devon , not Deven or Devin , and one other point Abe I don't know where you get your information my friend but the Foundation is not above the law, and Devon says that to Michael in the episode "Knight In Disgrace" when he tells Michael who has a gun on Devon that "The ...
by KI2000PA
Mon Jul 19, 2004 4:11 pm
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Topic: Did KITT ever laugh?
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re: Did KITT ever laugh?

Actually KITT did laugh in the episode New Edition was in, I believe it was called "Knight Song" right after he shows them that he can provide a beat for them to sing to with his Anharmonic Synthesizer I believe it goes something like this "That's great! But can you give us a vocal wahwah?" And KITT...
by KI2000PA
Fri Jul 16, 2004 11:16 pm
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Topic: Actual KITT on EBAY!!!
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There is a problem with the way Mark Scrivani restored that screen used KITT car, if indeed it is one of the screen used cars and was used on the date 9/3/85, then Mark Scrivani restored it wrong and the restoration needs to be done yet again, I say this because by 1985 the 1 TV dashboard had alread...
by KI2000PA
Mon Dec 29, 2003 12:03 pm
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Topic: Two sites saying new KR movie may not happen!
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James Bond in the 80's


FYI, I just figured I'd let you know that Sean Connery DID do a James Bond movie in the 1980's in fact 1983, a movie called Never Say Never Again BEHOLD:

by KI2000PA
Wed Dec 17, 2003 1:35 am
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Topic: KITTs "incoming call" sound
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KITT's incoming call sound with no dialogue

I have been monitoring the thread here with someone saying they needed KITT's incoming call sound, might this be the animal? m I hope it is because I ripped it from an episode and had to time it exactly and precisely so I got none of the dialogue and I also hope it is clear enough, this is my contri...
by KI2000PA
Sat Dec 13, 2003 1:00 am
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Topic: Greets from one of the Actors
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I believe the scene that 1Actor is referring to in which he appeared is well, I'll quote part of one of the many scenes he is in I bet this is one such sequence: (Adam2525: "Haven't seen one of these in a long time, oh man she is a beaut!" Michael: Yeah everywhere but under the hood, appreciate a ju...
by KI2000PA
Thu Sep 11, 2003 5:23 pm
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Topic: KARR question
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tkr9 In that same episode I quoted from earlier, Devon makes references to KITT's construction as well, and he clearly states "As we struggled to save your life and I attempted to build a safer car, the earlier model was put in storage. I thought Wilton had had it dismantled before he died, but I wa...
by KI2000PA
Thu Sep 11, 2003 3:33 pm
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Topic: KARR question
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Person who programmed KARR should be sacked

tkr9 Ummmm.....there is a problem with "sacking" the person who programmed KARR, Wilton Knight couldn't have fired himself for he was the one who programmed KARR. Devon says "Just as Wilton realized he had made a mistake by not programming KARR properly, his company was virtually toppled from within...
by KI2000PA
Fri Nov 22, 2002 5:02 am
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Topic: Knight Rider for PS2
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Knight Rider for PS2

Here is a nice bit of information for Knight Rider fans, try this (I found it out purely by accident): Take a micro-cassette recorder (hand held of course) and put your "Knight Of The Phoenix" episode tape in your VCR and cue it up to the point just as Michael goes into the building where KITT is ab...