October 2009 Archives

Steven Alan Fox conducts the Golden State Pops Orchestra during a "Salute to composer Stu Phillips", October 24, 2009. A recorded version of the "Knight Rider" theme song played over the auditorium speakers, then the orchestra took over. The live performance came as a surprise to me, so I wasn't prepared with my camera for the first 15 seconds or so.

(Note: To the best of of my knowledge, videotaping was permitted during the performance; only flash photography was specifically prohibited.)

Let Hasselhoff be your "guru" in this fun app from Never Odd Or Even LLP. Ask the Hoff a question, shake the device, and Hasselhoff will answer.

A digitized form of a Magic 8 Ball, the application recites quotes from David Hasselhoff recorded exclusively for this device. Take too long to ask, and you might upset the Hoff. Not much to the app, but fun for kicks.

[will replace video tonight with better quality footage]