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Team Knight Rider




5, 4, 3, 2, 

old footage of knight rider of KITT in desert 

switch to new footage of new cars driving on desert

VO: coming this fall from universal television.
the studio that brought you the original Knight Rider Franchise.
comes: Team Knight Rider, TKR

Kyle: How easy is it going to  be to launch a nuclear missile

Trek: So easy Im surprised someone hasn't done it before.

VO: Now in production

Director: Beg for mercy, and action!

VO:  22 Episodes of spirited action adventure, and high drama. With plenty of attitude.

Trageser: We save the world every week

Steel: we work together to solve problems

Karnes: its team knight rider, its got cars, its got action, its got humor, its got drama

Trageser: its gonna be a good story, as well as action and adventure.

VO: 5 exciting characters, 5 super charged vehicles, TKR.

An elite group working for flag

The Foundation for law and government.
Chasing down villains, and obliterating global threats.

VO: The team behind the camera is the best in the business.
Including the writing team of Copp and Goodman, of Wings and Dream on Fame.

Goodman: 1 out of every 3 episodes is almost like a miniature james bond movie. 

VO: and acclaimed stunt editor dick butler whose credits the rock, jaws, and back to the future.

Butler: they're gonna see cars flying, explosions everywhere, its escapism, its like everything goes but no one gets hurt.

vo: team knight rider. meet americas, newest action stars,

Brixton Karnes as Kyle

Karnes: Kyle is the team leader of team knight rider. he has to use all his leadership skills to keep this team together


christine steel as jenny 

Steel: im second in command so i have all these powerful things about me. vo:

Duane Davis as duke

Davis: duke is a former cop from chicago, who when investigating a crime family in chicago lost his job. 


kathy trageser as erica

Trageser: i come up with these ideas, that no one else would think of, and it saves the day


and nick wechsler as trek 

Wechsler: i made allot of money and started over, and ive done that a few times, thats how bad i am.

VO: Team Knight Rider Cars with attitude and minds of there own.
Vehicles with personalities that rival their drivers. 

Goodman: the cars don't always do what they're told.,  they're not always cooperative. 

Copp: there is a little more attitude, a little more edge, and they dont always get along with there  drivers.

kyle: time to let the beast out of its cage



davis: i drive the beast, a ford f150 and its sweet, everyone is gonna want a ford 150 after the show



Steel: she is red and shes hot and she a convertible.



Karnes: my car keeps me in line, and we have a repore, its a relationship there. my car solves all my problems.

VO: Kat VO: Plato 

Trageser: thats kat, they have written the characters and their vehicles to complement each other, and shes kind of sassy back to me

Wechsler: and there is another motorcycle and they come together to form one big two motorcycle deal.

VO: team knight rider, unlike anything else on television.
erica: oh i didn't expect you home so soon

guy: i don't know who you are but im not buying it.

VO: The humor

Devon (actually not): Is there anymore discipline left at tkr

trek: well geeze we still keep a single file line at the cafeteria. 

Wechsler: we are sort of this dysfunctional family.

Steel: we have our differences. jenny: it has to be on a volunteer basis.

erica: good i cant gokyle: why cant we get along like the guys on mission impossible

Wechsler: i love that line

VO: the relationships

Steel: yes there is a possible interest between kyle and jenny

Karnes: could be, don't know, cant tell ya

VO: The action

director: everybody stand by, ok role cameras, effects go hot, effects go hot, 

Trageser: its gonna be a big deal.

Karnes: everybody's just  in it to make it a go 

Trageser: and we should be a huge hit by this year next time. 

VO: Team Knight Rider, from Universal television.

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