Team Knight Rider (1997-1998)


Duke tells the children in the jail a story about Beast fighting an indestructable car named "The Wrecker". Beast was killed, but his mechanic "Dennis" brought him back to life.

Plot Summary

Jean-Claude Levalle, a former French official takes a small Mexican town hostage after stealing a super-powerful magnet. C.I.A. agent Waldo is sent to retrieve the device at all costs; Team Knight Rider wants to save the hostages along the way.
Duke is captured during a reconnaissance mission, and is thrown in a jail cell with a group of school children. He entertains them with stories of "The Attack Beast".

Trek reinstalls Dante into Waldo's rental car to do a little bit of his own reconnaissance. An overly curious Desperado climbs into the rental car, and Dante captures him and brings him back to the Team. Jean-Claude activates the magnet, using it to create a repulsion field paralyzing the Team Knight Rider vehicles. Erica comes up with a plan.

The team leaves their hostage tied up, but the Desperado manges to cut his ropes and takes a gun that Trek left behind. He captures Team Knight Rider and brings them to Jean-Claude to be executed. However, as part of Erica's plan, the gun was rigged to fire a smoke screen, and they escape. Trek deactivates the magnet, and the vehicles come the rescue: Beast uses his grappling hook to pull down the jail cell wall, freeing Duke and the children. Kat and Plato, in their joined configuration, play some "games" with a couple of Desperados. Domino wins a good-old-fashioned gun fight by shooting a gun out of a Desperado's hand with her laser.


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The Magnificent TKR

season one episode: 102


Jenny (Christine Steel) leads the team south of the border to catch an outlaw who's stolen a device that could threaten national security.