Team Knight Rider (1997-1998)


Executive Producers Rick Copp and David Goodman have said they were both big James Bond fans. In the opening sequence, the pilot and co-pilot debate whether Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond ever.

Kyle reads "Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant"

The janitor on duty is called to the forward men's room.

KRO is a Series One Knight Foundation vehicle, Marland Technologies Project #17-328-2.

Plot Summary

A computer overrides the controls of a DC-3 transport plane, forcing it crash land after the two pilots escape with parachutes. James Marland, hand-picked to replace Devon Miles and oversaw the revamping of FLAG, asks Kyle for a favor: investigate the crash before the regular autorities do. Since it is not official TKR business, Kyle offers the mission on a volunteer mission. Only Jenny agrees to join him. Kyle, Jenny and Dante find the crash site, and they hear gun shots. They find two hunters who were nearly killed by a "nut case in a sports car."

The car is identified as K.R.O., the Knight Reformulation One, a black Ferrari designed by FLAG to replace KITT and Michael Knight. Like the current TKR vehicles, KRO's personality was extracted from its driver, in this case, Martin Jantzen. Martin was hand-picked by Marland to replace Michael Knight but was later discovered to be unstable, and KRO adopted the same character flaws. Kyle goes to speak to Jantzen, who is in the White Sands detention facility, while the rest of the team attempt to stop KRO. Kyle resents Marland's failure to tell them that KRO was on the crashed plane.

During a high speed chase in attempt to stop KRO, Attack Beast is nearly destroyed after his rear axle is taken out by KRO's missiles. Without telling Kyle, Jenny sends Trek and Jenny to speak with Marland to find a weakness in KRO. He gives Trek a computer CD containing software that will wipe out KRO's programming, but it must be installed from inside KRO. Trek is able to get inside the car, but KRO activates his security system and demands that an exchange be made- Trek for Martin. The exchange is made.

Martin and KRO go after James Marland to seek revenge. Trek and Erica bring Marland to a junk yard, hoping all the metal will confuse KRO's scanners. It doesn't. Martin and KRO are tricked into following a holographic image of Marland, and Dante pushes them into a giant steel box. Marland fills the box with molten metal. Kyle tries to save Martin, but Martin allows himself to die with his car.


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season one episode: 104


The team must intercept an evil predecessor from exacting revenge on its creator, who aborted the project after the car and its driver went out of control. Kyle: Brixton Karnes.