Knight Rider (1982-1986)


  • The look of KITT's front nose changes from scene to scene. This is because certain scenes were filmed as part of a presentation to NBC in order to get permission for the rest of the Pilot. Once they got approval and had more time, the nose was given the look you know today.
  • The original movie was never called "Knight of the Phoneix." This was added in syndication to help identify it.
  • Knight Rider crew member Harold "Hal" Frizzell appears briefly in this episode as a Comtron security guard. He makes similar brief appearances in "The Final Verdict", "White Bird", "Brother's Keeper", "Ring of Fire", "Knight of the Drones", "Knight Strike" and "Fright Knight".
  • Stuntman Jack Gill has a small role as a disgruntled driver at the end of the demolition derby. He appears again in "Inside Out", "Return to Cadiz", "Ring of Fire", "Buy Out", "Knight Strike" and "Knight of the Juggernaut"


  • The end credits of this episode show a copyright date of 1977 — even though the episode was produced in 1982.
  • During the chase to the airport, Michael's bullet wound switches from his left shoulder to his right.
  • K.I.T.T. magically gains seatbelts during the demolition derby.
  • Also during the chase to the airport, Devon's phone changes from a white phone to a black one.


  • Knight Mansion (Greystone Mansion, 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA)
  • Scene where the two car thieves try to break into K.I.T.T. with a brick (4000 block of Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA)
  • Demolition Derby (Saugus Speedway, 22500 Soledad Canyon Road, Saugus, CA)

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