This was posted by Greg Taylor ( on the Knight Rider newsgroup. I include it here for pure entertainment. Just don't blame us if harmful consequences result from playing this game :)


What you need: - a VCR with your Knight Rider tapes (or a rerun episode on TV) - A large quantity of alcoholic beverages/orange juice/chocolate/whatever

GENERAL # of shots

1 “Knight” appears in episode title 2 “KITT” appears in episode title 1 Every time the subplot appears (if there is one) 1 Any long, musical driving scene

KITT # of shots

1 Mention of the “molecular bondage shell” 1 Turbo Boosts 2 Has all power transferred to Turbo Boost 2 Is unable to Turbo Boost for some reason 1 Gets installed with a new device 2 Gets installed with a new device that is flawed, or does not accomplish the purpose for which it was installed 4 Gets installed with a new device that is not used in the same episode 1 Uses a fairly well-known feature (one that appears in over 2 or 3 episodes, ie- Microjam, oil slick) 3 Uses a feature we've never seen before, and likely ever will again (ie- Sub zero) 1 Super Pursuit Mode 1 Emergency Braking System 1 Doesn't understand something/asks for an explanation 1 Awes someone with his abilities 2 Has someone other than Michael behind the wheel 1 Blacks the windows to talk with someone outside 2 Has a bomb/explosive blow up under/in him 1 Gets captured or has rear wheels elevated 2 Gets badly damaged (ie- “Ring of Fire”) 3 Gets totalled (ie- “Knight of the Juggernaut”)


1 Is hassled by local law 2 Is arrested and/or thrown in jail 3 Is hassled by cops who turn out to be crooked 2 Is checked out by someone who finds no information on him, or that “up until x years ago you didn't exist” 1 Talks into his watch 1 Asks for money from Devon 1 Is told by someone to “Be careful” 1 Goes undercover 1 Has KITT take over so he can perform some fool stunt 2 Has KITT take over because he's not able to drive or just doesn't want to drive 1 “KITT! I need you buddy!” (or words to this effect) 2 Overrides KITT's programming 2 Gets separated from KITT 1 Gets romantic with, or kisses someone 4 Gets married

DEVON MILES # of shots

1 Calls Michael on phone, or is called by him 2 Calls Michael and interrupts Michael's previous plans 1 Is shocked by one of Michael's actions 2 Is shocked by Michael's taste in something (cuisine/music) 2 Poses as someone to aid in Michael's assignment 3 Lets Michael use the semi in said assignment 2 Gets in trouble or is taken prisoner 1 Does or says something “dignified” —- BONNIE/APRIL # of shots

1 Gets upset with Michael for something he did to KITT 1 Runs a check on KITT's systems 1 Turns up useful information 1 In general, does some fancy computer work 2 Poses as someone to aid in Michael's assignment 2 Gets in trouble or is taken prisoner 1 Is seen in the background during one of Devon's calls

RC3 # of shots

1 Is asked to join Michael on his assignment 2 Tags along with Michael on his assignment initially 2 Poses as someone else to aid in such assignment 2 Rides his motorcycle 2 Gets in trouble or is taken prisoner 1 Is actually seen driving the semi 1 Uses “slang” or “street talk” 2 If we hear part, or all of his real name