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  • Knight-Armen

    Because the original Kitt was no longer considered to be an asset for the foundation. Without Devon's approval Maddoc went on and sold most parts to get some money for the new Knight 4000. Unfortunately when Devon finally persuaded Michael to return back to the foundation (temporarily of course, until they could find a replacement) most of what the knew as the original Kitt was already sold, except for the voice module, the gullwing steering wheel and the dashboard etc. Michael was extremely upset; although, Maddoc offered to reclaim the sold parts Michael wasn't interested in any of his wrong-doings and told him to back off. While the Knight 4000 was in the final stages of being completed Michael decided to install Kitt's CPU and voice-module in the new foundation car (recalling, Soul Survivor - "Kitt what matters to me is who you are, not what you look like...") to put an end to the violence that had escalated since his retirement in 1986.

  • Apocalypse2001

    cool design, but the wheels suck big time.

    what I don't understand is why the original KITT was dismantled (as is mentioned in the movie)...

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