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We've compiled a small list of Knight Rider items that are available, incase you are looking for a gift for that special Knight Rider fan in your life. We tried to find a location for items where we could, but some you may have to search on your own to find as they haven't saturated the market enough.

For the US:

For the UK

Knight Rider Season 1 £43.99

Knight Rider 2 (PS2) £15.00

Knight Rider Legacy: The Unofficial... £23.99

The Best Of Knight Rider [1982] £6.97

Knight Rider (PS2) £16.99

Knight Rider [1982] £5.97

Knight Rider - Vol. 2 [1985] £5.97

Knight Rider - Vol. 3 [1982] £5.97

Knight Rider T-Shirts (from

Die Cast 1/18 Scale replicas; features working scanner, opening hoods, trunk and doors. Ejector Seat, Grapiling hook:
Ertl 1/18 Scale KITT Model
Aoshima 1/18 Scale KITT Model
Aoshima 1/18 Scale KARR Model

Knight Rider Posters (from All Posters)

Also, if you are in the giving mood, Patricia McPherson's (Bonnie) organization Save Ballona accepts donations via their website. David Hasselhoff's (Michael) organization is Wheels for Humanity.

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