DVD: April 2005 Archives

Season two is set to be released in just a short period of time now. We were forutnate to get an advanced copy to review. What did we think of it?

We'll you'll have to check out our review to see. (hint: do you really think we'd be negative?)

In keeping with the coverage we had for Season 1, we will be doing a number of contests for Season 2.

First up is one copy of Season 2 on DVD. The end date for the contest is April 12th, we want people to be able to enter and see if they won so they'll be able to take advantage of the sales opening week if they didn't.

Like last time, the contest is open to anyone in the world, but if you are outside the US you will have to pay for shipping.

We have a couple of more sets and items to give away, so stay tuned!


Don't forget you can still preorder your sets online and save!

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39.98 from Barnes & Noble

37.38 from Buy.com

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