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A month after the Season 1 DVD set was released in the US, folks in Europe and Australia can now get their hands on this box set. The set which was released today contains all the extras from the Region 1 release. Commentary with Hasselhoff and Larson, documentaries, interactive KITT, Etc (there are mentions by some that the teasers are not included before every episode). The artwork has been changed from the Region 1 disc, and the episodes themselves are on Single sided discs, opposed to the double sided discs in the Region 1 release.

Universal-Playbacks Press Release:


- iconic TV series’ available for the first time on DVD boxset-
available to own from 13th September 2004

For the first time ever, Universal Playback is releasing DVD boxsets of four iconic TV series’: The A-Team, Knight Rider, Columbo and Magnum. Priced between £34.99 and £49.99 these cult boxsets are a must for any crimefighter fan.

Knight Rider

On 13th September, for the first time, this cult 80’s TV series is being released in boxset DVD format priced at £49.99. The 8 DVD set includes 21 episodes including Knight Rider 2000 and must-see bonus material. It offers over 19 hours of Knight Rider action. Knight Rider is a fantastic thrill-ride about a young man (international star David Hasselhoff) who fights crime with his super-advanced car, KITT - who has the ability to think and talk. Great action, great fun, great car!

Technical Information:

Audio Config: English 2.0 Mono
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Full Frame
Subtitles: English SDH
Certificate: 12
Region: 2 & 4


"Knight of the Phoenix" – commentary with David Hasselhoff and writer / creator Glen Larson

Knight Moves – a look behind the stunts on the show

Knight Sounds – commentary with Stu Phillips, Main Theme / Series Composer and David Hasselhoff

Knight Rider: Under the Hood - a look at the super car: KITT, commentary with David Hasselhoff and Glen Larson

Stills Gallery – pictures from the television series

Blueprints Gallery – gallery of blueprint images used in the television show, including the mansion, Knight Industries HQ, the Knight Industries truck and KITT

K.I.T.T Owner's Manual - this interactive dash board allows the viewer to get behind the wheel and see what KITT is capable of

We'll be having a contest shortly giving away a couple of copies of the box set, so check back soon!

Our Region 1 Review

Region 2 up shortly!

Buy it at:
Amazon.co.uk £37.49
Play.com £37.99
Sendit.com £37.99

Vinny, who you may remember from earlier in the year as having Hasselhoff on the top of his KITT replica, has stopped by with some details on a new event. In conjunction with Universal Playback, his KITT has been hired to help promote it's release all this week.

From Our Forums:

Hi Guys,

Tomorrow, the 13th September is the official release for the season 1 Boxset release in the UK. My car is being used for all promotional advertising in the UK.
I will let you know each night, how it went. Tomorrow's schedule is lots of radio work with the car being used to create massive interest.
The following stations will be doind something Knight Rider related:

1: Virgin Radio
2: Radio 1
3: Radio 2
4: Heart FM
5: Captial FM

I don't know what they are planning exactly but it will be in the morning shows, i have a 6.45am start.
Loads more happening, i'll keep you informed.



Sounds great! Thanks to Vinny for giving us the heads up!

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