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We had our HD cameras rolling all weekend at The Knight Rider Festival, where fans came from all around the world to meet such Knight Rider stars as:
Justin Bruening, Rebecca Holden, Catherine Hickland, Stu Phillips, Don Peake, Jack Gill, George Barris, Dennis Braid, Tony Wood, Michael Scheffe, Buzz Bundy, James Smith, James Winburn, Nate Truman and Glen A. Larson.

Check out the video above, or visit our Videos page for more videos of the event.
Also be sure not to miss photos of the event on our Photos page.

It was great to see so many new faces. If you see your self, drop into our forum and let us know.


At the Knight Rider Festival, Paul Casey the shows creator introduced his beautiful daughter to us. She is a special needs child and the reason behind his strong drive to help make a difference.

Just like Paul, everyone who came to the Knight Rider Festival was there to make a difference. Some donated time, others money, and some the use of their creative talents.

If you could not come this year there is still a chance to make a difference and help children. Proceeds from the items in our store will go to charity. We've got official festival t-shirts, Knight Rider Online t-shirts and button packs.

We also ended up with an extra signed autograph sheet and some other goodies. So to continue on in the spirit of the event that brought all of these honored guests together, we are actioning it off for charity. We've put it together with a package where the winner will also received a official festival shirt, collectors edition copies of Today In Las Vegas (with KITT and Deanna Russo on the cover) as well as KRO pins and swag. Auction will end on March 31st and we will ship internationally!

After carefully critiquing all of the videos that were submitted, the votes are finally in. It was really a tough call because they all were really excellent. We could tell a lot of time and dedication was put into each one. The top three videos will be playing at the VIP event at the Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas. The winners names have been added to the VIP party guest list. So without further ado. Here they are...

1st Place Sarah screen name KITT

2nd Place Matt screen name Weeezl

3rd Place Natalie screen name DavidHFanNatalie

The slump in the economy may be causing many Knight Rider fans to cut back on Knight Rider toys. But fortunately some treasures come for free.

Here is a great free Knight Rider toy we stumbled across while surfing the web.

A David Hasselhoff paper doll complete with a leather jacket, and interchangeable Garthe head with pimp cane. He even comes with his iconic thumbs up hand.

Click on the image to get the printable version.

Our campaign to keep Knight Rider on the air for another season is picking up steam. One of the best ways for your voice to be heard is to mail in a letter to the heads at NBC, Angela Bromstad, Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff. Preformatted letters can be found at our campaign page.

We have no way to track how many letters we have sent so far, but you can drop into this thread and let us know if you sent one


The petition created by our member Tony P Knight Driver has just had an early draft presented to NBC on February 20 with 5880 signatures. As of today it has just past 7 thousand signatures and is still climbing.
A campaign to the Ford Motor Company stated by our member Solid Snake is off and running. Visit his thread to print out and mail in your letters.

More and more creative ideas to save the show keep coming in. Our member KFCreator has started an email campaign. And tonight KRO will be sending out its fist ever mass email to all its 5759 members. So if you happen to get an email in your inbox be sure to forward it along.

Don't forget one man can make a difference.

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