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Well its been one full year since the first two-hour movie that launched Knight Rider 08. The show has come a long way since then, but for many of us the back-door-pilot still holds a special place in our heart. Youtube film critic MJKnight created an anniversary special to look back at the premiere episode. Check out part one above and part two and three after the jump.


One favorite fan activity is to create video tributes to the shows, stars and cars that we love. Now you have a chance to have your video seen by the dignitaries themselves. Three finalists will receive an invitation to the VIP party at the Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas where their video will be shown.

Video submissions must be high energy and 3 to 5 minuets in length. They must be made with high quality footage that is clean of markings and advertising. Knight Rider footage may be used if the audio track is muted. Be original and creative!

Some suggested video topics would be:
A tribute to the stars of the show both living and dead in honor of their work.
A tribute of the cars, the stunts and some of the more spectacular moments.
A tribute to the show, both old or new.
A tribute to Las Vegas highlighting the many times classic or new Knight Rider was filmed in the "entertainment capital of the world"

All entries must be submitted to knightrideronline by March 5. You can upload your video via our uploader.


With a lot of skill, and a little help from their trusty computers, the visual effects team at MasterKey make things like KITT's nanotechnology and neural network appear to be a reality.
But could KITT's technology ever really exist? Discover Magazine gives us a glimpse at the possibilities.

Knight Rider: Machine Evolution
It must be nice to have a car like KITT that can, amongst his many other handy abilities, transform. Sure it's handy for crime fighting and all, but being able to turn into a van or a truck means Michael Knight never needs to rent a moving truck or worry about delivery when there's a big Ikea sale. But since KITT's ability to rearrange himself at the molecular level means that he can transform himself into any number of car-like shapes, even ones he's never experienced before. And that means that he -- and his deceased creator Dr. Graiman -- has solved the problem of getting an artificial intelligence to use newly added parts. Typically a robot has to have a whole new set of code to be able to handle a new tool or sensor. Sure, most computers can handle plug-and-play attachments these days, but they still require a set of pre-written code to drive the newly added part. Artificial intelligence designers want the robot to be able to design that code itself.

Keep reading: "Knight Rider: Machine Evolution" at Discover Magazine.

Be sure to check out MasterKey's newest reel.


We are counting down (43 days!) to the Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas. The event that takes place March 20-21st at the Fremont Street Experience and will unite many worlds of Knight Rider in a way never done before.

Watch the above teaser video to get a sampling of what you'll be experiencing in Las Vegas! Watch as Don Peake and George Barris meet for the very first time and get a sneak peak at some of the exiting things in store!

Through Knight Rider, the message of helping those without help was always paramount. While the Knight Rider Festival first goal is to celebrate the fans and replica owners who have kept the support alive over the years, it is also to band together to help make a difference. Donations will be welcomed at this free event to help make a difference for kids who need assistance via the Children's Miracle Network.

Stay tuned to Knight Rider Online as we ramp up our coverage for the festival as guests and schedules get announced.

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