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scheffe.jpgAttention East Coasters, here is your chance to meet Michael Scheffe, legendary designer of KITT (amongst others!) Michael Scheffe continues to be a huge supporter of the Knight Rider fandom, attending events here in Los Angeles and the Vegas Knight Rider Festival.

From their website:

Michael Scheffe, designer of the "Knight Rider" talking car KITT as well as the flying taxi seen in "Back to the Future II," is schedule to appear at the 2010 George Lindsey film festival at the University of North Alabama.

Scheffe will participate in a special effects workshop for festival goers March 5.

The workshop will include a screening of the short documentary "A DS in the Future," about the creation of the "Back to the Future II" flying taxi. Bernd Kruyt, director and producer of the documentary, will also participate in the workshop.

Lea Thompson, Bob Gale and James Tolkan from Back to the Future will also be in attendance.

In an interview with The Digital Lifestyle, the lovely and brilliantly sharp actress/director/model "sits" down via webcam to talk about Knight Rider and other fun topics. In discussing Knight Rider's failure, she compares it's "cheesyness" to not have been the quality needed for success. Additional issues of stress with the executive management at NBC as being too hands on for the project and their obsession over the look of a coat. This confirms rumors we've heard towards the end of its run, as the executive offices of NBC became a revolving door.

Deanna's currently working on FX's Rescue Me for the season that is set to air this year. She also directs the web short series Real Life With Married People now in it's second season.

bruce_davison.jpgNews comes that Bruce Davison has recorded the voice for President Wilson in Warner Brothers Animation film "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" releasing on various home video formats on February 23rd. caught up with Bruce during the recording sessions and asked him a few questions, one being our fav:

QUESTION: You've done so many different things. What do people most often recognize you for?

Well, if they're my age, probably Willard, because that was an impressionable movie when you're young. The younger people know me from X-Men. And then if you're 12, it's Knight Rider. It's as though every few years something comes along and then I'm sort of remembered for that. But people don't really know that I can do anything else until the next time.

It's nice to hear confirmation that a new generation did watch the show, and have the cast think positively on that. You can read the rest of the interview on their website.

After four years with the show, David has announced via People Magazine that he will be continuing on:

In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, Hasselhoff, 57, says, “I am proud that I was part of making America’s Got Talent the No. 1 rated show for the past four summers. It’s been a rewarding experience and now I’m thrilled to be able to follow my dream to do my own TV show, which will be announced very shortly.”

Hasselhoff adds, “I want to thank my friend, (executive producer) Simon Cowell, and everyone at NBC and Fremantle for the opportunity for four great years.”

Rumors are speculating that David's new show will be a reality based one, that follows his daily life. Unfortunately this means no more on AGT reunions with KITT:

[via davidNet]

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