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Sci-Fi Channel has changed the timeslot for the Knight Rider episodes that are set to start airing weekdays begining January 13.  Originally, it was scheduled for weekdays at 5 p.m. eastern (2 p.m. Pacific). Instead, it will now air Weekdays at 4PM ET (1PM PT).  Roswell will still air at 6PM ET (3 PM PT). In the 5pm slot now is X-Files

The Schedulebot has also been updated to contain which episode will be airing each day. They will be of course leading off with the Pilot "KNIGHT OF THE PHONENIX" spread accross Jan 13 and Jan 14. The rest of the episodes follow in original aired order.

Summaries on each episode can be found in our episode guide.

David's was updated recently with some items that may be of interest with a brief bit on the kr movie:


David will be taping the Wayne Brady Show on Wednesday, December 11, 2002. It will air on Tuesday, December 17th. Please check your local listings for time and channel.

The Baywatch Reunion movie is in the final stages of post production and will air on the Fox Broadcasting Network in late February 2003.

Be patient. The Knight Rider movie is still in the works. It's just taking longer than expected for the script to be completed.

David's Christmas album is on hold until next year. There just wasn't enough time in his schedule to complete it this year. However, he is working on a new album to be recorded soon.

Check back for updates .

David's website can be found at

Seems Planet Hollywood is having an eBay garage sale to make some money since their chain isn't doing so hot.

A couple items of interest:

PHW5 : License Plate from "Knight Rider" Current Bid US $300
Estimate: $1200 to 1500
view auction

PHW5 : K.I.T.T. miniature from "Knight Rider" Current Bid US $406.52.
Estimate: $4000 to 5000
view auction

Happy bidding to those with a couple grand lying around!

VH1's latest documentary "I love the 80's" will chronical (you guessed it) the 80's! Each night, begining Monday, December 16th at 9pm/8pm Central, they will air two one hour episodes each night for the entire week, begining of course with 1980. The one you maybe interested is the 1983 hour airing Tuesday, December 17th at 10pm/9pm Central. The website for this page on VH1, which is located here, contains a photo montage with David Hasselhoff.

Also, on commericals now airing on VH1 for the series, KITT is shown saying "I've heard that before" (thanks KFCreator).

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There has been talk about bringing Battlestar Galactica to SCI-FI for quite sometime. It seems that things may have picked up a bit. The folk's at have posted a review of the new characters set to appear on the series.

Battlestar Galactica was a short lived series created by Glen Larson

read article

Begining Monday January 13th, Sci-Fi Channel will add "Knight Rider" to its schedual. The show will air weekdays at 5 pm eastern. (2 pm pacific)

Remember to mark your calendars, strong support of the reruns will help them remain on air.

Centaurus17 posted on the board that the Knight Rider 2000 movie will replay on SCI-FI (america) on Monday, December 9 at 10 am!

Be sure to have those VCRs set!

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