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An ad in Entertainment Weekly (and perhaps other magazines) has the Knight 3000 bursting out of its own page on to the adjacent page of fake news articles about a mysterious supercar:


As previously reported, Gary Scott Thompson said that he has been in talks with David Hasselhoff to make an appearance in the new show. The only issue was scheduling. An "industry insider" told Knight Rider Online that the Hoff's role might be a bit bigger than we were led to believe. Rather than being a one-time appearance, Hasselhoff would return in a major multi-episode story arc. This is consistent with what Hasselhoff hinted at in a recent interview with KZZP Phoenix Radio. After explaining that the people who didn't want him in the new series are no longer at NBC, he added:

"I don't have to be in every episode, I'd be in five, I don't care..."

Negotiations are not final but don't be surprised to see a significant ongoing storyline featuring  Hasselhoff in the second half of the season.
The entertainment magazines are covering the upcoming Fall TV season in full force, which means Knight Rider is a big part of the media wave.

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