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The good folks at Hot Wheels have been busy, with their recent 1:64 release, and their booth at San Diego Comic Con and now this! Our friends at the Hot Wheels Elite group, whom have been giving us a sneak peak of their model process for a few months now, sent us these high quality prototype shots.

For the first time we get a sneak peak at the fully rendered model, complete with Season 1 dash. He's a thing of beauty, and limited to only 10,000 pieces - so be sure to get your pre-orders in! It's on track to release later this year.

If you are in the Atlanta area this weekend, be sure to stop by Southern Knights Atlanta, which runs both Friday and Saturday. Join Rebecca Holden, Michael Scheffe, Ed Crick, Ron Martinez, countless replicas, props and fans as they join together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Knight Rider!

Membership is required to enter, but you can purchase tickets at the door. For more information visit their website at http://www.southernknightsatlanta.com/ or their Facebook group.

Check out pictures from last years event so you can see some of the fun in store!

To help promote Hot Wheels upcoming Knight Rider products, David Hasselhoff appeared at the San Diego Comic Con on Friday to mingle and sign autographs for the fans. "The 404" from c|net was there and filed this report. Check it out and hear a bit from David on his thoughts on Knight Rider and of course his hopes for a feature film. Some fun thinking on what the next KITT might have!

Check out below for some pictures from the day's event as well as some video of KITT during the preview night on Thursday.


Officially kicking off today (though they had their preview night last night) this years San Diego Comic Con will have some fun things to check out for fans of Knight Rider, with both Hot Wheels and Diamond Select Toys showcasing Knight Rider goodies.

hotwheels_sdcc.jpgAt the Hot Wheels booth (#3029), where they are promoting their upcoming KITT releases in 1:34 and 1:64 scales, they have a beautiful KITT on the floor (Alex Wong's beautiful replica)! As an SDCC exclusive you can for $40 purchase a 1:64 KITT in a state of permanent turbo boost, with audio files from William Daniels and scanner display. (there is even rumor of Hoff himself making an appearance this weekend!)

*UPDATE* Confirmed by MattyCollector : "David Hasselhof AKA "Michael Knight" will be on hand Friday in celebration of the popular 80's TV show KNIGHT RIDER and the Hot Wheels K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand car Friday from 2:30 to 4:30pm at the Mattel Booth #3029.

diamond_select_kitt.jpgOver at the Diamond Select booth (#2607), who have spent this year releasing both Knight Rider figures/vehicles for their Minimates line as well as KNIGHT license plates, will have prototypes of their upcoming future releases for Knight Rider. They too will have a KITT on display outside the convention center, so be sure to be on the lookout!

Be sure to let us know what cool things you find on the floor, we promise to do the same!

[ thanks to n knight for the picture! ]

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