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Robert Foster, Executive Producer on the original Knight Rider series, passed away from brain cancer last month. He was 72. Responsible for running the show for three and a half seasons, his direction was on of a small group that helped to define the memory that everyone thinks of "Knight Rider" today. He helped create such memorable characters as Goliath, and KARR, and writing many fan favorite episodes such as Hearts of Stone, Short Notice, Soul Survivor, Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend, Knight of the Drones and one of my favorites Knight of the Juggernaut (trailer below).

Donations are welcome in leu of flowers to Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah

Hollywood Reporter: TV Writer, Producer Robert Foster Dies at 72
Variety: TV producer Robert Foster dies at 73

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David Hasselhoff went to Las Vegas for Knight Rider Festival II while taping his reality show "The Hasselhoffs". He drives around in KITT with Glen Larson, and jokes around with ex-wife Catherine Hickland. And of course, he is swarmed by fans.

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The Knight Rider Festival returns to Las Vegas May 18-19, 2012.

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