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bestofknightrider.jpgUniversal Studios Home Entertainment this week announced the availability of a new collection on DVD called "The Best of the 80s". These two disc packs will feature the best episodes from Magnum P.I., The A-Team, Miami Vice and Knight Rider.

They have not publically announced which episodes have been included, only letting us know that the first disc will have a running time of 3 Hours 5 Minutes, and the second of 4 Hours and 52 Minutes. It will be available on June 14, 2011. Which episodes do you think they'll include?

You can pre-order it now on Amazon for $13.49.


This weeks episode of ABC's show Castle featured both Mike Knight and RCIII in guest roles during an investigation in the death of a champion swimmer.

Justin Bruening (aka Mike Knight) played the couch of and Peter Parros (RCIII) played the doctor to the departed and were both questioned by Beckett and Castle - the show's main characters.

Unfortunately the two of them didn't share any screen time, so those fans looking for a generational Knight Rider collaboration will still have to wait.

If you are in the US you can watch this weeks episode on Hulu.

Producer Paul Casey's team has finished putting together the official video from Knight Rider Festival III! It is a slick production highlighting all the exciting happenings from the event. And you are able to watch it online for FREE.

If you were in Las Vegas, you'll be able to relive the weekend. If you couldn't make it to Vegas, you'll see all that you missed. Either way, it's sure to get you excited for next year's 30th anniversary celebration!

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