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This past weekend the yearly Knightcon 2009 a UK event was held in Halifax. Steve and team once again put together an amazing event that was enjoyed from people from all parts of the world. Our good friend MJ Knight files this report for his Knight Watch series.

Pictures of the event can be found on HoffSpace here or here as well as this batch from skotbites on Flickr. Countless other images can be found on the net, if you have a link to share, please do so in the comments below!

On September 14th, Knight Rider 2008 will be released on DVD in the UK. To celebrate Playback, the TV Home Video leg of Universal UK, is having a giveaway contest to give away for the DVD. Simply visit their site, and take the Knight Rider 2008 quiz, and you'll be entered to win!

Take the Knight Rider 2008 quiz

Thanks to Playback, we hope to have a review of their DVD release up soon, so check back for that!

But even if you don't live there, they have something cool to share. Four stylized Knight Rider 2008 desktops are available to all:


If you still haven't ordered Amazon UK is selling it for £25.69 through this link: Knight Rider (2008) Season 1 [DVD]. A portion of your purchase will go back to support this site.

As we mentioned last week, Navtones and this site are bringing to you an exclusive opportunity. Submit a question you've always wanted to ask William Daniels, the voice of KITT, and the best 20 questions will be used to interview him! You have till this Tuesday to get your questions in! So go ahead and ask your question!


After summer recess, the Knight Rider Online Podcast returns with a brand new episode! In this edition, Honnziva brings you the latest news for Knight Rider and has a really great interview with Craig Martin, creator of the Deciptkarr!

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