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car + movies conceptualizes kitt my ride

This hilarious image comes from our friends at Car + Movies!

When we reported to you a couple of weeks ago about NBC Digital's possible support of the new Knight Rider series, Cars + Movies drank a little bit of the Kool-Aid and started to conceptualize what this might be!

eally? They want to KITT my ride? Is it a geek version of MTV's Pimp My Ride (which is actually quite gadget savvy as is) with computers, screens and tech toys thrown all over, or is it just aesthetic, with all the cars getting the glossy black with matte black stripes treatment?

Check it out here!

Yesterday NBC Digital (a separate group in NBC), announced it's plans for the new shows - they do all that webisode type stuff for Heroes and The Office

"Knight Rider" - Fans of the show will find a "KITT" My Ride feature, weekly KITT voicemails to mobile subscribers, talking KITT e-cards and streaming full episodes.

When compared to Heroes and The Office, this digital content leaves something lacking. However, these are proven series - so if Knight Rider does well, I'd imagine Knight Rider would start having more online presence.

Additionally, those two shows have the full support of the Writing staff to integrate online content into the story lines - With Knight Rider's writing staff just being hired and plots just being fleshed out, we'd have to see how they choose to use online things or not.

Full release after the jump

picked up!

We are expecting to get the official word today at NBC's upfronts - but a bit of news has leaked early, thanks to Michael Pajaro.

Originally Variety thought the show would be at Friday's at 9pm - but this now appears not to be the case.

8:00 Knight Rider
9:00 Deal or no Deal
10:00 Lipstick Jungle

More information as it develops!

Originally revealed on our forum

This is now official from both Variety and The New York Times

We now have the complete Press Release after the jump - with the key areas bolded. Note that Knight Rider will encore on Saturdays from 9-10 for the fall months! First episode airs September 24th!

Also check out NBCs interactive programing grid, very exciting to see Knight Rider twice!

gary scott thompson
As we learned a few days ago, Gary Scott Thompson has been officially been announced as Showrunner via The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

Mr Thompson is best known for the blockbuster Fast and the Furious and Executive Producer of Las Vegas for NBC (which recently ended its run) is in the process of hiring writers. Doug Liman and David Bartis will stay on as Executive Producers. Writer David Andron will stay on as Consulting Producer.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Thompson will work on the show under a new two-year deal he has inked with "Rider" producer Universal Media Studios.

Thompson is joined by "Las Vegas" exec producer Matt Pyken on "Rider," a sequel to the 1980s series. The two will serve as exec producers alongside Dave Bartis and Doug Liman, who exec produced the series' two-hour backdoor pilot that aired in February. The pilot's writer, Dave Andron, will serve as a consulting producer.

Thompson is now hiring writers. The plan is to go quickly into production to allow plenty of time for postproduction.

"We didn't have a ton of time on the movie, which was done on a very tight schedule, so the biggest thing we want to do with the series is have more action and special effects, which requires time," Pope said.

From Variety:

UMS prexy Katherine Pope said that as soon as it became clear "Knight" was headed to series, landing Thompson became a priority.

"The network and studio all came to this idea separately. There was a list of one," Pope told Daily Variety.

image from Variety

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